Fildena: What is Fildena and How is it Used?

Fortune Healthcare Private Limited manufactured different types of high-grade medications, one of which is Fildena. It is an oral medication holding the drug named Sildenafil citrate, a known PDE5 inhibitor. The major use or purpose of this Sildenafil citrate medication is to treat erectile dysfunction in men caused due to poor blood circulation. It is known across various countries as a generic equivalent to Viagra due to the same chemical composition and use.


It is available in form of tablets which are coated in a plastic covering and there are different dosages of them such as Fildena 100 and Fildena 150, which are prescribed by your doctor in accordance with the severity of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.


The medication is a convenient way to deal with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying love life for men. These Sildenafil citrate pills act quickly as compared to other ways to get relief from erectile dysfunction such as penile pumps.


A man just has to bring out the table from the plastic coating, and gulp it down with water, so it is an activity that can be performed discreetly with ease.


These generic pills of sildenafil citrate last for about 4 hours after they enter their active stage, irrespective of the dosage of the drug present in them and they take about 60 minutes to finish their onset, but the time may vary as it can be delayed by fatty meals.


The Sildenafil citrate oral pill is meant to be used just like Viagra, which is occasionally and is to be repeated only after a gap of 24 hours between two doses regardless of the strength of the dosage.


If two doses of this medication are taken too close to each other or if a person starts taking them daily, there is a high possibility of suffering from Sildenafil citrate overdose and the side-effects experienced will become more severe with every usage.


The common side-effects such as headache and nausea often pass away without any medical assistance but if any discomfort or unusual symptoms show up as ringing of the ears or an erection that won't go away, then we highly encourage seeking immediate medical health.


There are certain medical interactions of Sildenafil citrate, which includes nitroglycerin and nitrates, you can get a full list of sildenafil citrate side-effects and interactions from your doctor.


There are absolutely zero food interactions of Sildenafil citrate with the exception of alcohol and grapefruit juice.

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