What's the Difference Between King Prawn and Shrimp?


It's not often that you see a king prawn and shrimp sold in the same place. It can get confusing when one is trying to decide which seafood they should buy because there are so many choices. But don't worry, we're here to help! 

There are a few important things to keep in mind before buying king prawn or shrimp, but luckily for us, it's pretty easy since king prawns live in saltwater while shrimp live in freshwater. This means that king prawns will never be found fresh at your local grocery store, but you might find them frozen if you look hard enough. On the other hand, shrimp can be found both fresh and frozen almost anywhere!

This article discusses what king prawns are, what king prawn vs shrimp looks like, where king prawns can be found, and why king prawns are different from shrimp.

King prawns and shrimp both come from the ocean, but king prawns live in saltwater while shrimp live in freshwater.

This article discusses king prawn vs shrimp and why king prawn is not sold fresh at grocery stores because it lives in saltwater. King prawns can be found frozen if you look hard enough since they are rarely ever sold fresh. Additionally, this article contains a detailed comparison between king prawns and shrimps with pictures so that readers will know what to expect when purchasing seafood. Shrimp can be bought either raw or cooked depending on your preference!

King prawns are larger than prawns and have a distinctive pinkish-orange color. They also usually contain more meat, which is why king prawn recipes tend to be so popular. King prawns can sometimes weigh up to 24 oz (700 g), while the average shrimp weighs only 0.14 oz (four grams). With king prawns containing so much more meat, it's no surprise that they're often used in stir-fries or other dishes that require large pieces of seafood.

Many people prefer king prawns to regular shrimp because they're easier to peel after cooking, but others complain about their tough texture. On one hand, king prawns don't tear as easily when you bite into them as regular shrimp do, but on the other hand, king prawns can sometimes feel rubbery. Prawns are a bit smaller than king prawns and have a much redder color. The average size of a prawn is 0.28 oz (seven grams). They're slightly less meaty, however, they go well in recipes with a lot of sauce because their flavor isn't as strong as king prawn's taste. There's also more waste when you peel them after cooking, which means there will be fewer pieces to eat compared to king prawn recipes. In terms of texture, both king prawns and freshwater shrimps tend to be softer than sea-farmed king prawns, which can sometimes be a bit rubbery.

In conclusion, king prawns are larger and have more meat than freshwater shrimps do. Additionally, king prawns contain more flavor compared to regular shrimp but some people find them slightly tough and not as easy to eat because they don't tear easily when you bite into them as the smaller-sized shrimp does. King prawns will also leave behind less waste after cooking since there are fewer pieces leftover from peeling it than recipes would create with its larger size leaving behind bigger chunks of seafood for consumers instead of small bits that endangered king shrimps leaves behind after being peeled.

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