What is an iOS Chat SDK?

How iOS Chat SDK Can Improve Your Business Sales? 


The ABCs of iOS Chat SDK 

Customer satisfaction is an important aspect that all businesses must seriously look into. One way of improving a customer’s journey with your business is by creating a personalized experience for them. And what better way to do so than by providing a live chat option in your mobile app.  

Live chat statistics show that over 50% of all live chats come from mobile devices. With the number of mobile users continuing to grow and the constant digitalization of all industries, having a live chat option on your business’s mobile app has become a must. 

Messaging app SDK like the iOS chat SDK helps your company’s developer build and establish a messaging channel between your business and the customer in your mobile app. 

iOS Chat SDK 

Let’s break the whole structure into smaller and more simple terms. 


Developers cannot create apps for any platform without the necessary tools. A Software Development Kit (SDK) consists of various tools like sample codes, documentations, and libraries that help developers create a new app.  


An iOS SDK is one such toolkit developed and provided by Apple that allows developers to design and build an app that will run on devices using the iOS operating system. 

iOS Chat SDK 

An iOS chat SDK consists of vital tools that your developer can use to design and install a chat option in your business’s iOS mobile app. 

Focusing on Creating an iOS Chat Option 

Apple stated in early 2021 that there are over one billion active iPhone users in the world. Not developing a chat option in your iOS mobile app would mean not enhancing the customer experience of a billion potential customers who could have interacted with you on your app.  

With the magnitude of iPhone users across the globe and also the constant rise in the same, you should incorporate a chatting solution in your iOS app using chat app SDK. Also, iOS chat options will efficiently work on other Apple devices like the iPad.  

Messaging options in your app on Apple products will help you achieve a few things. 

  • Target a wider audience 
  • Enhance customer experience 
  • Eliminate the need for Apple users to switch to your website to communicate with customer support 
  • More satisfied customers will eventually lead to more leads and sales

Features of iOS Chat SDK 

Now that you know about the importance of having an iOS chat medium, let’s look into its scope and features.  

1. Open Source 

Open-source chat SDK platforms provide the iOS SDKs and APIs that allow you to edit and customize the chatting option to suit your business’s needs.   

Some of the features that you can customize include changing the chat color and background, hiding or displaying certain buttons, and activating or deactivating certain functions of the chat solution.   

2. Adding Permissions 

The Apple app store requires you to add and ask for a few permissions from the customer. So, if your chat solution in the mobile app requires access to the device’s location, microphone, camera, etc., you must add a description stating why your app needs access to such components or features.  

iOS chat SDK makes it simple for all developers to complete this process without causing too much headache.  

3. Adding Chat Options 

The iOS chat SDK also lets you integrate all the regular chat options into your iOS app effortlessly. Some of these options and features are listed below.  

  1. Create a login/register page so that you can validate or authenticate all users. Users will also be able to update or change details like their passwords.
  2. Design a messaging interface that allows all users to chat one-on-one or in groups.
  3. Allow users to have context-based conversations focused on a particular topic.
  4. Display a chat list screen showing users all conversations taken place.
  5. Let users make high-quality audio and video calls.
  6. Receive push notifications and real-time updates for all messages in the app.
  7. Add a message profanity filter.


Adding a chat service by yourself might take weeks, if not months. But with open-source chat SDK platforms that provide iOS chat SDK, you can add a high-performance real-time conversation medium in your iOS app in just a matter of a few hours.   

With the help of such toolkits, you can grow your business by delivering better results and happier customers.  

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