Top 5 Teachable Alternatives & Competitors

 Teachable is one of the course creation platforms in this advanced era. It is also one of the preferable options, especially more for beginners, because it does not need coding knowledge. In the beginning stages, you can start it for free and create various courses as you want, without any restrictions.

Teachable gives more quality courses to their customers, sells eBooks and other some services. Also, you can easily set up your workshops or conferences. It also conducts various teachable events to attend to learn and grow more and exchange knowledge with many students.

Not only teachable but there are also many other platforms to help you a lot with many features. If you personally feel teachable is not the perfect option for e-learning, don't worry; plenty of other Teachable Alternatives are available in the market. So in this blog, you can know those excellent alternatives that undoubtedly suit you personally. The following are the top Teachable alternatives that everyone must try:


FreshLMS is the world's topmost e-learning platform which mainly aims to empower its creators. It is an excellent Teachable Alternative.

It provides every authority to an individual for creating and selling the course. Even a zero coding knowledge can create and build their own course and sell it under his/her own personalized online digital storefront in less than 60 minutes. 

FreshLMS is an excellent and advanced learning management system that undoubtedly helps every user to build their respective original brand. Even you get the best support from the support team to clear all your problems. Undoubtedly FreshLMS is the best e-learning platform that offers all plans at affordable prices compared to many other platforms. Not only prices, but you also get fast updates compared to other platforms.

Pros of FreshLMS:

Below are the pros of FreshLMS which is a teachable alternative:

·        You have a chance to connect directly with the audience.

·        Unlimited courses

·        Unlimited student

·        Affordable price.

·        Drag and drop option to build your course.

·        Unlimited Integrations

·        Best supporting team

·        Very easy to use


Thinkific is an excellent Teachable Alternatives. It is a perfect online education platform with many personalized assignments, quizzes, and community forums. These features you may not find in Teachable. Thinkific and Teachable have a slight overlap in their usability. Thinkific is a lack in accessing an email marketing and funnel builder. Both Teachable and Thinkific can access various types of course content, text quizzes, PDFs, and video.

Thinkific does not charge transaction fees, and everyone can get their payments from courses fastly. You can create the first course by using a free plan, but you have to take a paid plan to host many courses. Unlike Teachable, you do not get live chat support from the Thinkific platform, and the analytics and checkout are limited.


Below are the pros of thinkific, which is a teachable alternative:

  • Great support for quizzes and unique course content
  • You will get security for your course
  • Good supporting team
  • zero transaction fees for all plan
  • a perfect and powerful site and page builder technology
  • very fast payout


Below are the cons of thinkific, which is a Teachable alternative:

  • zero support for EU VAT management
  • very limit payment options
  • analytics tools are very slow compared to Teachable
  • Worse checkout process.


Kajabi is undoubtedly one of the best all-in-one tools available in the market for both course creation and selling that particular course. You will get support from building online courses to video hosting. Kajabi even helps with creating landing pages or funnels.

There are plenty of features available in Kajabi which can attract customers to courses compared to that Teachable platform. You can even happily control everything through your smartphone. Kajabi pricing is more expensive than Teachable, with a basic plan starting at $119 per month compared to $39 for Teachable. However, it does come with many functionalities, including sales pipeline tools and with no transaction fees. Unfortunately, Kajabi doesn't give access to you to create native certificates for your students.


Below are the Pros of Kajabi, which is a teachable alternative:

  • perfect all-in-one solution for both course building and marketing
  • It contains various themes and customization options to choose from them.
  • It supports Android and iOS mobile apps
  • You can easily get blog and website
  • Plenty of In-built tools are available for sales pipeline and marketing
  • excellent customer support


Below are the cons of Kajabi:

  • it is too expensive
  • Zero support to get the native certificate.
  • Zero support for EU VAT 
  • Very limited reporting tools


LearnWorlds is the perfect Teachable Alternatives, and it is so simple, excellent, reliable and very easy to use when we compared this platform. It is a robust e-learning platform mainly for companies who educate the people or train their employees or create a personalized course. You earn more money even by selling courses to the necessary customers.

 It is very easy and flexible on this LearnWorlds platform to create a simple, fast, beautiful and branded SEO-optimized website for your respective business.


Pros of LearnWorlds :

Below are the pros of LearnWorlds:

·        Very easy to use.

·        Unlimited courses

·        You will find advanced features.

·        You can get quizzes and assignments.


Cons of LearnWorlds:

Below are the cons of learnworlds:

·        It is too expensive

·        Very limited payment producer



Even this Teachable platform is the perfect tool, but it lacks some features compared. By using Podia, you can access various advanced course creation techniques and get multimedia lecture support, audio lessons, and video.

Podia also offers various tools for all membership sites. For example, you can create individual one-off posts for the audience and connect with many customers by live chat. In addition, there is an option to buy buttons on different external websites to make it easier to drive many students back to your e-learning.

One of the best benefits of this Podia platform is that it can allow everyone to exchange information with the platform with zero fees. The Customer support team provided by this platform is best. Podia is a little bit costly, which is $79 for the plan with plenty of features, but you may not get it in some particular areas. However, this Teachable platform offers an easy course-building tool, affiliate services and VAT support that you will not find with Podia.


  • easy interface and excellent course player
  • great student engagement with membership feature
  • you will get Live chat for interaction among customers and brand 
  • no fee to migration, and even you get easy access to data
  • excellent support from the supporting team
  • zero transaction fees


  • No certificates
  • zero quizzes
  • Not access for smartphone applications
  • Contains very basic analytics.
  • Contains basic reporting tools
  • It cannot support VAT 
  • You cannot build any website


From the above information, you clearly observe that FreshLMS is the perfect way to grow faster than other platforms. Also, it is very affordable with lots of features. Better to select FreshLMS and buy it for both learning and earning. 

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