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It isn’t completely straightforward when it comes to getting around New World.

When you are playing any kind of MMO, you’re expecting there to be a vast map for you to explore. That is something that is present in New World too. The new MMO does provide you with plentiful areas to explore but getting around them isn’t exactly straightforward. There is a difference that you will notice when you’ve set up your New World account when it comes to getting around.

Unlike other MMO titles of this nature, New World doesn’t feature mounts. Whilst we may have been expecting to even have to buy New World coins to get our hands on a mounted form of transportation, we must do without here. This does mean that getting around can feel like a bit of a slog at ties. Even without mounts, it doesn’t offer a traditional form of fast travelling either. With that in mind, here’s what you need to do to make the most of the fast-travelling methods when playing New World.

Fast Travel Methods

The fact that New World has fast travel available is a massive bonus, and there’s a couple of ways in which we can do it. Rather than simply opening your map and choosing a destination, we will be spending a form of currency known as Azoth. Rather than worrying about our New World coins, it’s more a case of being wary about what fast travelling does take away when you use it.

Anyway, with Azoth you can visit a settlement/spirit shrine that you have visited before. To do so, you’ll need to be at a shrine or settlement already. The amount of Azoth that you spend on fast travel will be determined by the level of your current faction. Other factors that are taken into consideration are the distance to the location and what your inventory status is.

If you wish to use an alternative way of getting around, then you can travel back to Inns free of charge. To make sure that this works, check into the Inn that you want to potentially want to travel back to, giving you a choice of travelling back to it. That said, you can only use it for a period of once per hour.

How to Fast Travel

To get started with your fast travelling, firstly we need to open up our map. Once you have done so, start to zoom out, and you will notice golden icons dotted around. These are the locations that you can fast travel to, and you’ll be given a choice of whether you want to recall to this area or use Azoth.

These options will show up to the side of the icon. This is how you can recall to the Inn as mentioned. Not only that, but you can also see how much time has passedsince you last travelled this way.

Earning Azoth

We’ve established that we’re going to need Azoth to make the most of how fast travelling works. To start earning Azoth, it’s required that you have finished the quest known as Commitment to the Cause. In this quest, you will be working for your faction doing missions. This comes along early on in the game, and you will receive the currency once you’ve completed it.

From here, you will be earning Azoth from a number of quests. As you can imagine, you’re going to be doing quite a lot of fast travelling from now on. In this case, completing these quests should be pretty high up on your priority list. Getting through both the quests and side quests will get you the Azoth that you need, but there is another way too.

When you’ve gotten to a point where you’re able to deal with level 20 enemies, you’ll find that they will drop Azoth on occasion. Here’s a great method of gathering up as much Azoth as you possibly can. What’s more, when you’ve reached level 20 there’s the option of using Corrupted Breaches to add more Azoth to your collection.

New World may not have the typical form of fast travel that you usually see when you are playing an MMO. The lack of traditional mounts is also a notable absence from the game. However, there are at least options out there that you can use. There’s New World items to find, quests to complete, settlements to explore and so much more. Once you finally get into the swing of things with New World, you’ll realize what an impressive entry into the MMO genre it is.

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