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Here's the facts you need when obtaining staves in Old School Runescape.


Staves can be incredibly useful in OSRS, especially for those taking the magic approach to the game. Magic is one of the three main combat styles in Old School Runescape, and is capable of inflicting devastating damage. To make the most of this, many players choose to invest as much time and OSRS gold into weapons like staves and wands. We'll be looking at the former of the two here, delving into what staves are truly capable of.


What are Staves in OSRS?


Staves allow players to autocast spells, as magic weapons that come in different forms. There are elemental staves that will provide you with an infinite supply of runes. The runes that you actually get will depend on what element is connected to your staff. These are a great way for you to avoid having to buy OSRS gold to afford runes, since they can provide an unlimited amount. You can really sink a lot of OSRS GP into runes, so consider staves to save yourself some gold.


Every staff in Old School Runescape will provide you with magic attack bonuses. You'll also get melee attack bonuses from staves, but they are only small bonuses. You can upgrade your normal staves to battlestaves if you wish. This will provide you with better melee bonuses, and a little increase in magic bonuses too. Another type of staff is the mystic staff, which are a further upgrade to the battlestaff. With this, you'll have even higher magic and melee bonuses to enjoy.


Every staff in the game with providing you with an attack speed of 5. The exceptions to this rule are the ancient staff, the dramen staff and bladed staves which have 4. The Ahrim's staff is the highest with an attack speed of 6.


In general, a staff is a basic weapon but it's capable of a lot more in the right hands and with the necessary upgrades. On the surface, it is a cheap magic weapon that does have its uses. The potential to autocast from them is a particular highlight, and even a basic staff will have decent enough magical bonuses for you to make the most of.


That said, there's reasons as to why there's a lot of choices when it comes to staves. A normal staff doesn't have a whole lot to offer apart from its modest traits. They don't have the elemental advantages that you would get from other OSRS staves, so the situations that you can use it in is rather limited. Even so, if you're new to using magic, then this is a great option for you to get to grips with the form of combat.




If you're just looking into basic OSRS staves, then you won't have to meet any requirements to wield them. However, there are certain OSRS staves that will have requirements for you to work through. This is often based on reaching a certain skill level, or finishing particular quests. Meanwhile, you will need to obtain certain OSRS staves to perform certain spells.


You also have god staves in the game that you get in the Wilderness. Out in the Deep Wilderness is the Mage Arena. This is a challenging place for a minigame to take place, and you will have the opportunity to get a god stave for yourself. There are three in total, all of which represent a god. That said, you will need to have your magic level up to 60 if you're going to wield one.


Buying a Staff


To get a staff of your own, all you have to do is go to Varrock. Here you will find Zaff's staff shop, where you can purchase a staff. Another way to acquire a staff would be to purchase one from the Grand Exchange. There's the option to obtain them through other players too, or you may even be lucky enough to get one as a drop from an enemy that you've killed.


You could choose to find OSRS gold for sale if you really wanted to get into the habit of collecting staves in Old School Runescape. Some of these, as discussed earlier, will in fact save you OSRS gold in the long run. However, if you are going to buy gold, then take a look around for any trusted OSRS gold selling websites. You can do a lot of damage when investing your time and gold into magic in Old School Runescape. With that in mind, consider your options and enjoy ruling the game with a mighty staff or two.


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