Home Security Systems: The Top Most Important Security Components To Include in Your Home in 2021


Home Security Systems

The 2020 murder statistics in the USA show a 20% increase. However, the increase in murder seems to have crossed over to 2021, with the first three months of the year statistics showing an 18% increase compared to what it was at the same time in 2020. That’s an indication that security is a common concern around the state and puts you at the forefront to devise ways to ensure a safe and secure environment for your family and property.

Thanks to technological advancement, you can now put your home under 24/7 surveillance through innovative security options. Read on to learn more about smart home security components to consider when thinking in this line.

Home Security System Components

A smart home system comes with several components. The benefits of these tools differ from one setting and home to another. For instance, smart smoke detectors are excellent security components. However, every home presumably has a traditional smoke detector that will issue the signals of a fire outbreak, and you’ll hear the alarm if you’re at home.

However, a detector that sounds an alarm followed by a notification on your smartphone will serve you justice if you’re far from home. As a result, the intelligent smoke device may not be necessary for anyone staying or working at home, while it’s an effective tool if you spend a better part of your day outdoors. Here are the standard, different components of security systems and how they work.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are the best guards when you’re not at home or inside the house. They detect and notify you of any motion around your home. Even better, smart motion sensors can distinguish between humans and pets. As a result, you won’t have to continually disrupt your sessions at home or work only to find your little dog running and playing around the house. 

Again, motion sensors have several capabilities. They power on indoor and outdoor lights, set off alarms, activate cameras, while others turn on floodlights to notify them of any movements. Even these added capabilities can easily scare an intruder and keep your home safer.

Glass Break Detectors

Do you have glass doors and windows? Then these are must-have sensors to get an alert anytime someone tries to break into your house through the window or door. They work by sensing the frequency of a shattering glass sound, then setting off the alarm. 

They are easy to install, especially if you’re a DIY master. You only need to place the small sensors indoors close to the window or glass you feel someone could break in through. 

Security Cameras

Security cameras are another set of essential components you should think of incorporating into your home safety endeavors. You can mount them to record everything that occurs in the yard, in different areas of your house, or outside the home.

Most of these cameras continually record everything happening in your surroundings, with some sending notifications to your smartphone directly, while others have cloud storage options. Again, criminals are likely to shun away from homes with visible cameras for fear that someone might be watching, since burglars are rarely strangers to their victims.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless but can be very dangerous. A considerable number of individuals visit the hospital yearly due to CO poisoning. As a result, you need a way to detect and take precautions if there are any risks. And CO detectors are your savior in such a situation.

Smoke Detectors

Almost every home has a traditional smoke detector. However, fire can occur anytime, even when you’re not at home, of which the conventional smoke detector won’t be of much help. In this case, a smart smoke detector is better since it sends a phone alert in case of fire.

Understanding the different home security options helps you keep burglars away and ensure safety news business and peace of mind to you and your family. The components in this article offer a great way to start your security endeavors.

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