What are fun crafts for adults?

If you think that arts and crafts are children-only activities, think again. Handicrafts are good for us adults, and this is not just what I said. Science supports it.According to research done in 2011, participating in handmade production can reduce the chance of memory problems by 30% to 50%. Experts also claim that handicrafts can help people suffering from chronic pain, depression and anxiety. Handicrafts are good for your physical and mental health. The exquisite products you make with them are just a reward. To help you start your crafting process, here are some crafting items specially designed for adults.

DIY phone case

Are you tired of boring phone cases, these phone cases may be practical and can protect your phone, but not necessarily the most fashionable or interesting design. Using printable vinyl sticker paper to make custom phone cases is easy and affordable! There are many elements you can consider: galaxy, glitter,tribal print, pressed flowers, leopard and so on.

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Sunglasses box

The sunglasses box is seriously underestimated. In most cases, we end up throwing sunglasses on the dashboard or tuck them in our pockets or sleeves. What you need is a beautiful DIY sunglasses case to help you protect your glasses so that you don't sit on it. Pick your fabric with heat transfer vinyl, matching thread, and a pair of scissors. Unless you want to sew this sunglasses case by hand, you have to take out your sewing machine. Here is a tip: use waterproof, heat-resistant, and stretchy fabric to make the most of your sunglasses case!

Golden crown

Whether you are a bride (or know a bride) or celebrating New Year's Eve (or Coachella Music Festival), you can DIY an incredible golden crown to complete your look. This corolla project includes gold foil stars, creating a simple and charming atmosphere.

DIY rings

When making DIY jewelry, simplicity and elegance rather than loud and bold designs are the key. It is very error prone in this particular DIY field. With this in mind, you can try simple DIY rings first. They are avant-garde and unique, but not exaggerated or fancy.  If you want to make it more dynamic, add a bead or two to the wire of your choice.

Lace leaf earrings

We have already seen craft rings ; now let's take a look at some DIY earrings. These lace leaf earrings are a great opportunity for you to learn about lace and try lace. There are hundreds of exquisite patterns to make your earrings, but these lace earrings are really popular, and you can also add a bead or two to enhance the quality!

DIY rock photo frame

These DIY rocks work in the moonlight like these super cute photo clips, which is a bit whimsical. They are cute, I bet they will light up your desk or bookshelf.

This is also a wonderful way to continue the declining photo printing practice. Actually holding and feeling happy memories photos that cannot be reproduced by digital photos will have a tangible feeling.

DIY Yarn Tassel Throw Pillow

Pillow foam padding is the basis of the eye-catching DIY yarn tassel pillow. Super easy to create and customize, you can use any color of yarn to make it to complement the look of your home. You might even want to create a complete set of complementary colors and designs to bring the bed or sofa to life.

Embroidered denim jacket

Noting is cooler than a custom denim jacket-whether it's new or vintage. A group of cheerful flowers are embroidered on the back panel to take the shape to the next level.

Glitter stationery

If you don't have enough time or patience, but want to create something beautiful and practical, this is a great adult craft idea. Use shiny design elements to customize any set of handmade or store-bought cards to increase your impact. All you need is fine glitter powder, scissors, double-sided tape-each envelope takes about 6 minutes.

Paper poppy

Inspired by seasonal super blooms? I make it myself with paper, and I look very cheerful at home. These huge paper poppies are very easy to make and only need a few materials-cardstock, floral thread, hot glue and scissors-they have a huge impact on decoration.

If you like these cool and creative ideas, start now by yourself!

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