The Secret Ways to Achieving a Classic Look

Australia hosts some of the largest apparel industries in the world. With an estimated revenue of about 19 billion dollars in 2018 alone, it is no longer surprising to see that many fashion trends have come from the region. 

Like any other clothing, mens suits in Australia have been heavily patronised for their highly refined and classic appearance. A feature that will most certainly inspire you to get one.  

Dressing well is an art that has a significant impact on one’s overall personality and public impression. Fashionable suits and elegantly crafted tuxedos have always been a definition of class and dignity. If you would wish to explore the world of elegant dressing, here are a few things that you should know whenever you plan to buy a suit.

Choose the right fit

A common problem encountered by men when trying to buy or wear a suit is that they tend to undermine the right proportions. Choosing the right fit is essential since it will help reflect your best assets and accentuate your physique. In addition, a suit that is properly fitted and adjusted can give you guaranteed satisfaction and comfort. Here are some of the fit specifications that you might want to consider:

  • Jacket length – Your height profoundly influences jacket length. If you are 5’9 or shorter, consider a jacket length that is just below the hip bones. On the other hand, taller men should consider a jacket length that is slightly lower than the ones mentioned above.
  • Seams – the shoulder seams are another thing you want to consider when planning to fit a suit. The seams must fit exactly the right measurement of your shoulder and must not have any wrinkle or clump.
  • Length of the Sleeve – The general rule for fitting a suit is that the sleeve length must be somewhere around ¼ inch of your top hand. This will allow some space for the undersleeve to fit through.

Choose the right style

Some mens suits in Australia are classically designed to fit the varying occasions and purposes of any given event. However, depending on your preference, you can look for the suit that would best fit what you have in mind. Always go for the style you want since it will help maximise your comfort. 

Additionally, it is highly recommended that you team up the suit style with the type of occasion and your skin complexion. For example, some suits compliment well with lighter skin tone, while some can best flaunt darker skin shades. Finally, always consult with a friend whenever you intend to choose a particular suit style. 

Consider the price

The last piece of consideration that you must always remember when planning to buy a suit is to check on the price range. Some suits and shops offer discounted prices depending on the time of the year, while some retailers can give you vouchers if you plan to buy a set of suits. Also, always remember that there are classy suits that come with relatively cheaper pricing. So, always compare items first before you head on and make a purchase.

Author Bio: Hannah Gilbert is a freelance writer who offers ghostwriting, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.

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