Nine Easy Ways to Grow Herbs at your Home

Plants are definitely beautiful creatures. After all, they are blessed with so many abilities. They are the sole reason why life has been sustained on earth. From creation to destruction, everything is dependent upon plants, and therefore we must take care of plants. You need not be an expert in initiating friendship with the plants because plants are pretty simple to handle and easy to look after. So even if you do not have a Green Thumb, you need not worry about it. You can buy plants online and nourish them through some easy and simple ideas and surround yourself with the beauty, fragrance and goodness of plants. To begin with, you can grow herbs in your kitchen garden so that you can use them in your dishes and cuisines and add the flavour of love to your dishes owing to The Herbs that you would be growing in your garden and nurturing with all your love and care. Given below is a list of few Herbs that you must grow in your garden, 


The origin of lemongrass is traced back to Sri Lanka and certain parts of India. You can use the stock of the plant in your dishes as it is a significant ingredient in many of the Asian dishes. It is also used for making tea. you, too, can grow lemongrass in your garden and avail its health benefits


Oregano grows in many varieties. It is used in aromatic oils and diet supplements. Oregano is rich in antioxidants and is blessed with Aroma and flavour. You can treat ailments like indigestion, cold and skin sores with oregano. Oregano is also believed to be endowed with antibacterial properties. 


If you want to bless yourself with an ending supply of refreshing drinks that can help you cool down your stomach and get rid of inflammation and heat sensation, then you must opt for growing mint in your kitchen garden. The best part is that they grow quickly and spread rapidly, thereby providing you with an abundant supply of mint. 


If you are not aware of this plant, then you shall know about the common name of basil. Knowing the common name of the basil plant will help you get more information about the plant. Basil is none other than the common Tulsi found in every Indian house. The Tulsi has religious symbolism too. Apart from this, Tulsi is an excellent remedy for treating colds and coughs. 


Parsley is a wonder herb. Its fruit seed and leaves are used for making medicine that helps to cure bladder infection, kidney stones, constipation, gastrointestinal disorders etc. Parsley is also suitable for treating mouth ulcers, cough asthma, and it can help you regulate blood pressure too. 


Peppermint is known for the cooling effects that it gives in situations like depression, anxiety, indigestion, menstrual pain, diarrhoea, nausea, muscle pain etc. Peppermint extracts can be used in peppermint tea which provides numerous health benefits. You can grow peppermint in your garden and prepare refreshing drinks for you and your family.


Do you want to uplift the appearance of tasty dishes that you cook for your friends and family members? Well, you can do so by garnishing your dishes with fresh and aromatic leaves of coriander. Besides that, you can also use coriander to make chutney or dips along with fries and other dishes. 


If you want to buy indoor plants online, then you can invest your money in the lovely lavender. They are known for their charming appearance and the numerous benefits that they are blessed with. Lavender leads to better sleep. It will also make you feel less strained. Besides that, it can treat skin blemishes too. 

Bay leaves

Bay leaves find their use in many European cuisines and Greek dishes. It is primarily used in its dried form because of its Aroma. The leaf is a rich source of magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron, and it can be used for treating migraines too.

Bless yourself with the goodness of plants by getting them in your kitchen garden. Ask your friends and family members to grow some plants too, so that every house can receive the blessings of plants and contribute towards saving the environment. We are dependent upon the plants for sustaining our life; therefore, we must grow and nourish some plants.

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