Hiring a Real Estate Litigation Lawyer



Real estate litigation lawyers at Pitblado Law firm in Winnipeg are experts in real estate litigation. They specialize in real estate law and have experience dealing with all types of cases such as land ownership, abandonment, and foreclosure, commercial real estate law, landlord defenses, and condo regulations. Real estate litigation lawyers have many years of experience in the court system and are experienced in representing their clients in and out of the courtroom. This ensures that their clients receive the best representation possible. They ensure that their clients receive fair and just compensation for their losses and fight aggressively to win for their right to recover damages.

Variety of real estate transactions

There are a variety of real estate transactions that might require a Pitblado Law lawyer. These include commercial real estate transactions, land ownership, and development disputes, tenants' rights, landlord/tenant disputes, condo developments, and sub-lease agreements. Because every case is unique, Pitblado Law ensures a qualified, experienced, and proficient trial and settlement team handling whatever situation presents itself. They will aggressively pursue their client's rights and ensure compensation for the time and money spent on the case. No other firm offers the same level of personalized service and legal expertise that only a Pitblado Law real estate litigation lawyer possesses.

Real estate litigation lawyer

A real estate litigation lawyer is a lawyer who handles real estate litigation or represents clients who have been injured due to property-related issues. Real estate litigation can involve any property - residential, commercial, or vacant land. Negligence, extreme weather conditions, and lack of maintenance can cause damage to personal property. As well, accidents can occur that render a property inhabitable. And sometimes, homeowners face a dispute with the bank over the title to the property.

How can you gift money before you die?

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Lawyer will help you to resolve your disputes

There are many ways in which a lawyer can help you settle your dispute. If you've been the victim of an injury, you may choose to consult with a Pitblado Law real estate lawyer. The lawyer may suggest a court trial or arbitration resolve your dispute. Another way this type of lawyer can help you is if you've been the victim of a defamatory or otherwise untrue statement about you online.

Factors to consider

Many people often come across the question, "How can I search for lawyers near me"? When you're searching for a lawyer, there are several factors to consider. For instance, you will want to find a lawyer experienced in the type of law you need to pursue. For instance, if you're filing a wrongful death claim, you will likely need to hire a lawyer who has experience handling lawsuits involving death. Similarly, a lawyer who handles meritorious complaints such as discrimination, harassment, and professional negligence may be better equipped to handle your case. Also, your choice of attorney may be influenced by how much they charge. As may be expected, fees vary widely.

Focus on their abilities

Another consideration for choosing a real estate litigation lawyer should focus on their abilities to provide the type of legal assistance you need. As previously mentioned, there are many areas in which a real estate litigation lawyer can help. Common areas include landlord-tenant litigation, foreclosure, commercial litigation, asbestos lawsuits, injunctions, self-employment, residential water damages, commercial insurance, litigation against debt-millers, and tort suits. Therefore, you must choose an attorney specializing in the type of law you need to prosecute. For instance, if you're using your current landlord for not keeping your lease provisions in compliance with your lease agreement, you will likely need a Pitblado Law real estate litigation lawyer. 

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