Why it is Worth Investing in a Patio For a Brisbane Home

Patios are undoubtedly one of the main symbols of the wealth and prosperity of a homeowner. They are most commonly found in larger mansions and are an exotic addition to any living space. They are incredibly versatile and provide an additional layer of depth and dimension while also contributing to the overall aesthetics. 

Moreover, patios also increase the home value of a property, a needed advantage in the competitive housing market in Brisbane and the rest of Australia. Although houses are cheaper in Brisbane than in other leading Australian cities such as Sydney and Canberra, there are other reasons to enjoy installing a patio in a home. 

Brisbane is the capital of the so-called 'Sunshine State' of Queensland. Brisbanites are great lovers of the outdoors, proving why patios in Brisbane are the perfect addition.  

What is a Patio? 

The patio is originally a Spanish word for a courtyard in a home or building. Spanish homes have a reputation of being innovative and family-oriented, and patios offer the space for families to converge and interact in the laps of nature. 

Similarly, the more global concept of a patio is an open space constructed on ground level, either detached or attached to a living space. They can be constructed using different materials such as concrete, pebbles, tile and bricks, and are usually built on a foundation - usually a concrete slab. 

How Does a Patio Differ From a Deck? 

Decks are similar to patios, but they are often built to take advantage of a certain view, so they are not always built at ground level. 

Decks are also more common with bigger houses that don't necessarily boast much outdoor space around a house. 

What Does a Patio Add to a House? 

Patios are one of the most common ideas when it comes to landscaping a backyard. They are also built to take full advantage of the weather, and in a place like Brisbane that boasts one of the best year-round weather, patios are perfect for Brisbane homes. The serenity of being outdoors, with the sun shining bright, is also incredibly therapeutic and calming.

Versatility of Patios 

Patios, as aforementioned, as incredibly versatile:

  • They can serve as an outdoor cooking/ dining area, perfect for hosting BBQ get-togethers or parties on summer nights. 
  • Some prefer using their patios as an outdoor reading nook. Accessorise it with a comfy couch and fluffy pillow to create a cosy, peaceful setting. 
  • Similarly, one can practice their more artistic hobbies here, such as painting, Yoga, and sketching. 
  • Patios can also be built to complement an outdoor swimming pool, providing a tasteful area to lounge in the shade. 
  • Another common choice is installing a fire pit in a patio, perfect for family nights on a warm summer night, to bond and forge cherished memories together. 
  • They can also serve as a glimpse into a lush and thoughtfully curated garden that may be maintained by a homeowner and can be a relaxing area to admire the floral beauty. 

These are just some run of the mill ideas, but in the end, they are entirely up to the customisation of the homeowner(s). They add so much more beauty, grace and serenity to a living space and encourage the homeowners to appreciate the weather, outdoors and nature. 

Especially with Brisbane under strict lockdown again, having patios in Brisbane is such a blessing to escape the stifling confines of the indoors and enjoy nature, greenery, some fresh air and the desirable elements of Brisbane weather.

Author Bio: Hannah Gilbert is a freelance writer who offers ghostwriting, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.

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