What you should consider before purchasing linen sheets

The one thing that matters to all humans is sleep. If you have a poor night's sleep, you may have to spend an extra coin to get coffee the following day and maybe a nap to chase away the tiredness. Having a few sleepless nights may not be a reason to cause alarm. Still, when you experience chronic sleep deprivation, you may experience serious health problems like weight gain and high blood pressure.

Studies like Harvard Health indicated that approximately 75% of people have poor sleeping patterns on some days in a week. One can implement several remedies in their schedule to help increase the quality of their sleep, like reducing the amount of time spent on screens, introducing fragrances in your bedroom, and meditation. Most people in society have not understood the role of bedsheets in the quality of sleep every night. Did you know that the type of bed sheets you choose directly affects your sleep quality? Let us dig deeper into the importance of selecting linen sheets in Australia.

The softest bedding material

Does it honestly matter how the bedding and sheets feel if they look good and align with your taste? Of course, yes, it does matter. We spend approximately eight hours in bed that translates to a third of our lifetime wearing our spread bedsheets. The bedsheet material and other bedding are chosen become necessary depending on your taste and preference. Some of the popular bedding materials include;


It is a result of a cotton and polyester blend. The linen material feels soft when it comes in contact with the skin, but the texture and feel cannot be compared to natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Bedsheets designed using this material cost less and are wrinkle-free even after washing and drying them. The only disadvantage of this particular blend is that it does not fit in all lifestyle categories, like individuals who love living in more sustainable households.

Egyptian cotton

Is it true that the cotton grown in this region is the greatest in the world? Egyptian cotton will be used in most luxury hotels because of its ability to retain a fresh, crisp feel even after several washes. Unlike other types of cotton, Egyptian cotton is recognized for its resistance to ‘surface balling' due to its extra-long strands. One thing to keep an eye out for before splurging on Egyptian cotton is the presence of finer prints and clear indication from the manufacturers’ description indicating that the bedsheet material is 100% Egyptian.


It has weathered the test of time when it comes to bedding and is usually regarded as inherently sumptuous. While linen may feel a little coarser than cotton the first time you lay down for the night, it will quickly soften and continue to do so with each wash. Linen is also ideal for allergy-suffering people because it is germ resistant and has a natural pH balance. In warmer climates, it is a common choice because of its breathable and absorbent characteristics.


Natural, adaptable, and accessible in most stores and online. Cotton comes from all over the world, and you may be familiar with Egyptian, Pima, and American Upland kinds. According to Martha Stewart, each variety has a distinct cotton fiber length, impacting how it feels against your skin. It's worth noting that cotton isn't the best insulator, so choose brushed cotton instead, especially during the colder seasons because its softer texture locks in heat, making your night cozy.

Thread sheet count for sheets

Thread count is the horizontal and vertical threads perfectly woven into each fabric identified per square inch. Most manufacturers for a long time assumed that better quality sheets resulted from a higher thread count, which is not the case as per the expert's opinion. Fiber is the most critical factor; hence if you go for quality fiber and lower thread count, it will have a softer feel and last longer and vice versa.

The color bedding that one should choose

The most oversized furniture you are likely to find in every bedroom is the bed. Your decorating decision will fully impact the final outlook and ambiance of the entire room. When choosing the color, ensure it correlates with the emotions you are looking for; for example, there are colors known to reduce stress and anxiety-like purple, blue and grey. Choosing any of the named colors helps in calming your mind and inducing sleep.

Washing bedsheets

After picking your preferred bedsheet and have them spread on your bed, there is one thing you should never forget is that for that restful night, the sheets should be clean. The microscopic dust particles can only be removed by washing the sheets regularly. People with dust allergies and asthma are advised to clean their sheets at least twice in two weeks. It is essential to read through the washing instructions; for example, the linen sheets have a guide detailing several linen care guidelines. All the care tips help ensure that your sheets last for a longer time.

In conclusion, the quality and type of sheets you choose depending on your location's temperature levels help promote your sleep quality. Before you choose your favorite line sheet type, it is essential to go through the user manual to increase the lifeline of your sheets.

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