A Guide to Buying Vacant Land for Sale for Your Home

Whether you are looking for land to build your dream home or for investment purposes, buying vacant land for sale has great advantages. If you are a first-time buyer struggling to crossover to the property market, buying vacant land is something worth considering.

The idea to purchase a property of your own is not only a smart move but an investment that secures your future. You only need to locate a place that you feel resonates with your needs. For instance, land for sale Plumpton is a great choice for anyone due to its strategic position, whether planning to erect business premises or home. If you are at a crossroads, here are basic step by step towards purchasing land for building.

Land as an investment

After purchasing land, many opportunities open up for you when the value increases. When your land increases in value, the equity you get lets you borrow money from lenders against the added value. And there’s a lot you can do with the money. Probably, that can allow you to build your dream home, business premises, rentals, and more.

Investing in a piece of land allows you to own something worth and unique that many people dream of. Even if you are yet to decide what to put up in your new vacant land, it continues to add value which means more money for you.


Purchasing a property, especially in major towns, is ten times more costly than going for sale for vacant land. It's affordable and an easier way to own something valuable. In any market, vacant land is affordable than the land where buildings have already been set up.

You can choose to own land today and proceed with your dream project later when you have enough budget to cover the whole project. It will allow you not to get priced out of the market in the future.

Low competition

If you buy vacant land, you benefit from low competition because the majority target built land. But a vacant land for sale attracts only a few, giving you room for negotiation during the buying process.

Property considerations

You need to pay attention to the land you are about to buy. That’s why you need to know what you intend to do with the land, whether for building a home or for recreation purposes. Performing research will allow you to identify the neighborhood to see what fits the setup in the locality.

Visit the region before you purchase to see the neighborhood. Check what kind of houses are in the neighborhood, shopping nearby, type of soil, and whether you can access the tarmac easily.

Zoning and deeds

If your idea for the vacant land for sale you are eyeing is to build a home or rentals depends on the zoning laws that govern the location. Choosing to erect a house or cabin in your land requires you to link with a portion of land that is zoned for residential.

On the other hand, deeds can play a big role in the usage of your property. For instance, if you plan to erect small dwellings surrounding your main house or a cluster of cabins, you need to identify the number of structures or primary homes your land is deeded for.

Zoning laws require you to determine the number of animals you plan to have on your property, the number of buildings, historical protections, farming regulations, and more. Ensure you know all the restrictions on your new vacant land to avoid future surprises based on the anticipated use of the land.

Property access

When you consider buying vacant land for sale, make sure you check whether you access it through a public road. This is important to avoid a scenario where you’ll require someone else’s land easement to access it. These things are never included in the listings and therefore, enquire first before proceeding with any other step.

The other thing you need to consider is whether the current driveway can allow machinery, tools, and building materials to pass with ease to your land. Also, zoning laws require your driveway to have enough space to fit things like fire trucks without any hindrance after your building is complete. If this aspect is not met, that means you will incur an extra cost to fix one.

Your land buying team

After identifying the land that resonates with your needs, and you've done the due diligence of considering and understanding all the property options, then what’s next? Many fail at this stage because they enter into buying details blindly without involving land buying experts for proper paperwork and all the needed procedures.

The buying process is more than handing over a check or making a friendly handshake. You require a team of experts to officiate the whole deal and ensure the transition of property ownership follows all legal requirements. You need an agent, surveyor, lawyer, and appraiser to direct the process to the end.


Before rushing to buy vacant land for sale that you spotted while driving around, involve land experts for advice. If you are not purchasing with cash, talk to your mortgage broker regarding the borrowing capacity. The other part is to carefully go through the information shared above to make it a win for you.

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