Signs That It is Time to Replace the Carpet

Have you tried all sorts of carpet repair services? Planning to replace the carpet? Having a hard time convincing your partner or the landlord that the flooring is beyond carpet repairs and invisible mending. Carpeting is one of the first things that the visitors or potential tenants notice while walking around the house. It plays a vital role in home décor and puts a positive impression on the guests. Hence, it is essential to keep it clean and maintained.

Here are the top 8 signs that it is time for carpet replacement
, instead of hiring professional carpet repairs and invisible mending services.


The first thing people notice in the house is the smell, and the old carpet emits its unique odour. After years of usage, built up of allergens, dirt, food crumbs, and feet can make the flooring smell funky. Even after professional carpet sanitizing and deodorizing service, you are unable to get rid of the odour, then it is time for carpet replacement.

Wear and Tear

No matter how frequently you hire carpet repairs and invisible mending technicians, wear and tear are inevitable. Rips and worn patches make your carpeting see-through; you can opt for carpet hole repair Canberra service to restore it to its original condition. But after using it for over 10-15 years, carpets may look flat, beaten-up, and matted. So, if you feel that your carpet has seen better days, then it is time to invest in a new one.

Water Damage and Mould

Water damage and the presence of mould are clear signs that you need to replace the carpeting. Water stains are annoying and hard to remove. Water damage can occur due to faulty machines, toilet overflow, leaking pipes in bathrooms or kitchens, and flooding. Plus, poorly maintained carpets can even lead to mould and mildew growth. Therefore, you must monitor pipelines and other water sources to avoid damage.

The presence of mould is never a good sign; it can cause asthma and other health issues. Occupants may even contract hay fever, cough, red eyes, sneezing, and headaches. The best way to prevent mould growth is regular inspection and cleaning. Plus, if the mould growth is severe and has grown throughout the carpet, then Carpet Water Damage Canberra service would be the best option.


If your flooring is stained beyond repair, it might be worth shopping for a new carpet instead of hiding stains with furniture. Spots make carpets, and the whole room look dirty and shabby. So, instead of hiring a carpet hole repair Canberra service provider to restore severely stained carpets, purchase a new one. 


Carpets are designed to last for 5-10 years. Most people do not replace carpets that often, especially landlords who are trying to save money. A lot of Canberra residents are unaware of how old the carpeting in the house is? The first place to show the age of the carpets is going to be the areas that are frequently used, such as entrances, hallways, and walkways. If you feel that your carpet is getting old or showing signs of aging, it is time to replace it.


The carpet in the house acts like a sponge and holds tones of dirt, dust, allergen, pollen, and other harmful pollutants. No matter how frequently or meticulously you clean the flooring, they will always find their way back in. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain good hygiene. However, carpet can only be cleaned so many times before it starts to wear. It is necessary to get your carpet professionally cleaned once a year to extend the life, but cleaning too often can shorten the lifespan.

Old Padding

The padding underneath the carpet can degrade with regular usage. It can flatten and accumulate dirt, grime, and dust around it. The lifespan of the padding depends on the material, the best padding Urethane can last up to 25 years. Just like that flooring, more traffic on the pad can reduce its lifespan. The most popular paddings last for an average of 10 years. So, it often makes sense to replace the padding when changing the carpet.


Maybe your carpet is out of style. The 2000’s carpet might not look good in 2020. So, instead of spending loads of money on restoring it, purchase modern carpeting. If you are a landlord and planning to sell or rent the house, ensure that you replace the old 90’s flooring. Buyers look for good carpeting and will pay more if there is something up-to-date and style.

With proper cleaning,
carpet repair, and invisible mending, a carpet can last a long time. However, even with good care, the carpet may look outdated or old. Ultimately, use your best judgment when it comes to replacing your valuable carpets. Get in touch with a professional to find out which replacement carpet is best for your home.

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