Most Notable Signs When Your Garage Door Needs Lube N Tune

Like a hot water kettle electric that you end up using almost every single day, the garage door on average moves 1000 times a year. Motors can undoubtedly withstand the same, but they can still be subjected to wear and tear. Unless you get the right assistance, it can significantly impact the overall longevity of your garage door. For quick and professional assistance follow this link - Door Closer Repair Oakville.

If you want to use your garage door for years to come, proper lubrication is the right thing to do. Hence, let’s discuss some of the most apparent signs regarding garage door wear and tear. 

Find the Right Time to Lubricate Your Garage Door

In case your garage door requires lubrication, you will observe some of the most obvious signs. Find the right time to lube n tune your garage door: 

1. When You Start Hearing Grinding Sound

During operation, you might find your garage door making a grinding sound similar to the best mixer grinder India. It is a clear sign that your garage door requires immediate lubrication. Make sure that you lubricate the moving parts of the garage door, including the motors, chains, and track. With proper lubrication, you can expect a smoother and quieter operation. 

2. Garage Door Getting Stuck 

Due to lack of lubrication, you might find your garage door getting stuck several times while operating. It might even come to a halt at one point and start working smoothly when past it. Now, there might be a plethora of reasons for the same. But always try to lubricate the parts and check whether the problem pertains or not. It can provide the right assistance while making the parts movable again. 

3. Look for Frayed or Unwounded Cables

Since the garage door cables hold the majority of the weight, their quality can significantly deteriorate over time. Neither less to say, one might account for the change in temperature and moisture. While with proper lubrication, you can churn out more life out of them. 

How to Lubricate Your Garage Door the Right Way

Lubricating your garage door can provide breadth in new life to your garage door. So, it plays a huge role in the overall maintenance cycle. Here is the right way to a proper garage door lubrication:

  • First, close the garage door to access all the moving parts easily. 
  • Make sure that the garage door is disconnected from the power source. 
  • You can use your vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to clean out all the dirt and debris from the door. 
  • Lastly, apply the lubricant and let it sit for a while before operating. 

Concluding Words

It was our curated guide on how to find out when your garage door requires immediate lubrication. Experts recommend going with a lithium-based lubricant to get the most relevant result. These are readily available in any hardware store in both sprays and aerosols.

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