Electrical Safety Devices

Electricity is a form of energy used daily to aid the functioning of manufactured equipment, from lighting to recharging batteries and coolers to computers. However, it can be highly hazardous, and injuries can vary from a simple shock to death. Electrical safety devices are designed to safeguard equipment against potential electrical risks or hazards. It is advised to seek the help of trained electricians to either fix electrical equipment or correct a fault in an already existing one. With Google, simply looking up ‘electrician near me’ in their search bar will provide you with a list of trained/certified electricians in your vicinity whose help you can seek technical guidance regarding electrical appliances.

The Most Important Safety Devices are:

1. Circuit Breakers:

Cowley Electrical Narooma explain, these are a particular type of safety device that shields electrical circuits from overloads or short circuits. Circuit breakers are devised to obstruct incoming electricity at the sign of any anomalies (faults), such as a short circuit (a condition where the flow in an electrical circuit is completed in a faster path than the actual wiring). These devices can be reset manually or automatically and are used to protect electrical appliances of varying sizes.

2. Fuses:

It is a thin copper or zinc metal strip which keeps the connection open and melts if there is exposure to high electricity levels. Once used, they have to be replaced and are thus referred to as sacrificial lambs. When there is an excessive flow of electricity in a power system, the fuse disrupts the circuit. It absorbs this overflow, thus protecting equipment from being widely damaged due to overheating or, worst-case scenario, a fire. Therefore, it secures an essential role in the conservation of human life and property.

3. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs):

These electrical devices are designed to restrict the damage caused by electrical shocks to a specific limit. This safety device disconnects the circuit quickly to identify an imbalance between the return neutral conductor and the energized conductor. These imbalances can occur due to current leakage through human tissue, and GFCIs can provide adequate protection under such conditions. However, these devices offer limited security in an overload or short-circuit situation.

4. Protective Relays:

It is a unique safety device that trips circuit breakers if an irregularity (fault) is detected in an electrical circuit. Therefore, electrical apparatus, such as a refrigerator, television, etc., is subject to minimal or no damage. Besides monitoring electric circuits, relays also respond to over-current&voltage, power flow, over-and under-frequency circumstances.

5. Surge Protectors:  

This device safeguards one’s home instruments and devices from abrupt spikes in current with a similar appearance to power strips and extension cords. It offers protection to equipment by shorting excess voltage supplied to the ground or blocking it.

All these devices are readily available in the market, and with the help of an electrician near me, they can be fitted at home, ensuring safety and protection from jeopardies.

Direct contact with conductors or circuit parts with active current flowing through them can cause an electrical injury. These injuries are mainly of four types: electric burns, falls, shocks, and electrocution (fatal). Small countries like Australia face about 20 deaths per year due to electrocution, most occurring at homes, despite following
Australian Electrical Safety Standards. The human body can only withstand less than ten milliamperes of current. It is one of the reasons why people with less or no technical knowledge should seek the guidance of trained/skilled electricians even if they face simple problems with their electrical equipment.

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