4 Important Considerations To Make When Downsizing For A Move


When moving to a smaller space, deciding what to keep and what not to keep is crucial. You could be downsizing after retirement or after your children have moved out. You may make financial considerations and decide to move to a smaller house; smaller houses tend to be cheaper. Irrespective of your reason to downsize, it requires time and proper planning for effective downsizing.The National Association of Home Builders statistics shows that more people at the age 55+ are likely to relocate and downsize to find a new senior-friendly society.

  1. Start Planning Well Ahead of Time: 90 Days

If you start planning for downsizing a few days before moving out, your downsizing may not be complete or adequate by the time you move out. It’s, therefore, crucial to start the process way ahead of time, say 90 days. By starting early, you ensure you have enough time to sort the items and, more importantly, dispose of house items as you wish. You will also need to acquire portable moving containers in advance to help you sort out your things in an organized manner.

Some items may require time to dispose of, for example, disposing of using a garage auction. The main reason for starting on time is to ensure you do not carry items that would not fit into your new home. Getting enough time to prepare is almost equivalent to a successful downsizing journey.

  1. Sort Room After Room and Sort into Categories

Sorting room by room and closet by closet helps break down the process into easily manageable steps and keeps you moving instead of feeling stuck. However, remember starting on time helps you going through everything without having to rush.

You can categorize your items into groups to help you sort out what is a must-have and what is not. You can have the following categories to help your sort out in an organized manner.

  • Keep category

  • Donation category 

  • Garage sale category

  • Throw out category

  • Sell online category

A garage sale and selling online may require more time; hence it is crucial tostart these two early enough to sell as much as possible. You may need time to organize a garage sale and invite your neighbors and other potential buyers. Throw out items you think are not of any use and donate what you thinkyou should. Giving is from the heart; hence give outis a matter of blessing someone rather than just getting rid of the item.

  1. Get Rid of What Won’t Fit in Your New Home

Having to relocate with furniture that won’t fit into your new home would unnecessarily waste time and resources. Therefore, it’s important to measure out furniture and other bulky household items to ensure you carry with you only the things that will fit in and give you ample time to get rid of the items that won’t fit into your new home. If your new home doesn’t have a basement, you may have to eliminate most things in your basement. Similarly, if you downsize the number of bedrooms, it’s essential to consider what won’t fit in and sell them out or donate them.

  1. Be Creative

Getting rid of items may not be easy; hence with reduced space, you can decide to maximize usage of vertical space, which means you still keep some more of your items without consuming extra horizontal space. Also, going digital will help you keep track of duplicates and hence know what to sell or donate.Also, digitizing will help you eliminate most paperwork and keep scanned copies of photos and receipts.


Downsizing, irrespective of the reason, may not be easy; its time consuming and tedious. However, if you start early, say three months before your deadline, it will make your journey friendlier than you might have thought. Making sales when you have ample time to do so will also help you get good returns than when you are in a hurry to move out. Donating books to libraries and other items to the needy, friends, and neighbors brings good feelings. Hence have time to sort out what you can donate and do good as you downsize. Ensure you safely transport your items by hiring the services of moving experts.

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