Understanding The Different Facets Of Stress For Human Beings

Stress For Human Beings

 Stress is defined by psychologists as the rate of wear and tear that occurs in a body of an individual due to various external and internal events. It must be mentioned that stress can have both positive and negative effects on an individual depending on the level of stress an individual is experiencing, the type of stressful event being experienced by an individual, and the period for which an individual is experiencing stress. Positive life events such as starting a new job, marriage, starting a new course, etc. Can also be stressful but has a comparatively lower negative impact on an individual than negative stressful events. There are multiple ways of handling stress. People might try their luck at betting with sportsbook in Uganda and proceed to have as much fun as they want. 

The various negative effects of stress

Stressful situations for long periods can have an extremely negative impact on the physical as well as mental health of an individual. Here is a list of different impacts that stress has on an individual-

Physiological problems 

  • Stress is one of the sole reasons for increasing cardiac problems in the population

  • Studies have established that long term stress is responsible for cancers among a significant part of the population

  • Another common impact of stress is high blood pressure among individuals

  • Sleep problems, insomnia, and other sleep disorders are common impacts of stress

  • Complaints of headaches, muscle pain, fatigue are the consequences of long time stress

  • Facing long-term stress can also result in developing gastrointestinal problems such as stomach upsets, ulcers, constipation, etc.

  • Many people experiencing chronic stress has complained of having changes in sex drive which have affected their relationships

Psychological problems 

One of the most common psychological effects of long term stress is feeling of extreme anxiety, 

  • restlessness and agitation 

  • Long term stress depletes one's energy to a large extent and hence the individual loses all motivation to work or even to enjoy life

  • The feeling of being overwhelmed by all the stressful events and feeling that one has no control over their life is a consequence of chronic stress

  • Feeling lack of control over life events can give rise to feelings of anger, irritability, 

            and even depression

Behavioral problems 

  • Chronic stress is a common cause of eating disorders, overeating, and undereating 

  • Anger outbursts can be commonly seen in stressed people 

  • Stressed people are more prone to alcohol abuse, drug abuse, tobacco abuse, and many other types of addictions 

  • Stressful people often take less care of their health like not eating healthy food or not exercising etc.

  • People undergoing stressful situations are more likely to become socially isolated and get withdrawn from others which elevates their stress even more and thus increases their level of stress to a large extent. 

Best way to deal with stress

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Thus this article briefly explored the different dimensions of stress and how to deal with it effectively.

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