How Do People Who Live In Their Cars Stay Clean?

As the cost of home ownership rises to new levels, more and more people are living unconventional lives - making a home for themselves on the street. I'm not talking about homeless people who are unable to keep a job or earn a living. I'm talking about people in their 20s who have a successful career and choose to willingly live out of a car or truck. I've often wondered how they are able to keep their hygiene habits well enough that they are indistinguishable from people who have access to a daily shower at home. 

There's More Than One Way To Shower

Many people who live out of their cars resort to taking a bucket bath in order to keep themselves clean. While this method is popular among the car-dwelling homeless, many people use it as a way to save water. The practice has been common around the world for years, where people limit themselves to using the amount of water in a bucket when they shower. Traditionally, a cup or small vessel is used to pour water on the body before and after the use of soap. Some people have devised (or purchased) a sort of siphoning system that attaches to a shower head, so they can use a shower head instead of a cup.

Some Like To Freshen Up In Public Bathrooms

The problem with living out of a car is that there is no source of water and no sewage system - so going to the bathroom is a challenge. As these people are able to move around using their cars, they have access to public bathrooms. Many of them use the bathrooms in gas stations and fast food restaurants to clean up. It may not be as thorough as a full shower, but they can usually manage to wash the most important areas such as their underarms, and brush their teeth at the very least.

You Can Brush Your Teeth On The Go 

Brushing teeth is one of the easiest hygiene-related activities that people can do when they are on the go. All you need is a little water (a small bottle is more than plentiful). As long as you have enough money to buy toothpaste, caring for your teeth shouldn't be an issue. 

Doing Laundry

A big part of staying clean is to keep your clothes looking presentable. Obviously, this can be a challenge when you’re in a small space like a car. Many people simply hand wash their clothes in a bowl, and air dry them. Nowadays you can also buy a portable (compact) washing machine that can run on electricity from your car’s cigarette lighter (12V). It’s still a hassle, because it can only wash a small load of laundry, but it may be worth it to look presentable. Others may use laundromats and similar facilities.

Living out of your car is becoming increasingly popular among people in their 20s, and they’ve found creative methods to carry on their lives and keep their hygiene habits.

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