Most Common Myths Regarding Plastic Surgery

The word ‘plastic surgery’ has an air of mystery around it, which leads to the creation of many myths and misconceptions. But, as they say, little knowledge is dangerous, so instead of falling prey to false information, one must get their facts straight. 

The spreading of misinformation can be harmful and detrimental to those who are trying to improve their appearance by undergoing plastic surgery. However, even amidst the prevailing misconceptions, most people want to know the secret behind the increasing trend of getting treated at Dubai Liposuction centres for achieving their dream body shape.

Having said this, let’s unveil the truth behind some of the common myths regarding plastic surgery. Continue reading!.

Liposuction is the Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Most people have a misconception that liposuction is a surgery that can help you in losing weight. However, plastic surgeons clearly describe that this procedure is not a solution for obesity; it’s just a body contouring procedure. Even though after undergoing liposuction, you can get rid of excess fat layers from your body; however, if you don’t make changes to your lifestyle, you’ll regain that fat somewhere else.    

Young People Shouldn’t Undergo Plastic Surgery

A common misconception is that these procedures are only for the aged and young people shouldn’t go for it. However, the reality is completely opposite! Surgeons say that the earlier you start treating your signs of ageing, the better the results are. Likewise, going for plastic surgery in older age doesn’t produce the same results as you can achieve with younger skin. For example, experts suggest that botox can produce better results for women in their 30s.

When it comes to plastic surgeries, age is never a factor or consideration. Every one has the right to take decisions regarding their bodies. If you don’t like a scar that you acquired after an accident, you have every right to get it removed using plastic surgery. Likewise, if you do not like the appearance of your breasts, no one can stop you from getting a breast augmentation procedure done.

Too Much Expensive

Another common misconception prevailing about plastic surgery relates to its cost.. Many people believe that undergoing this treatment will break their banks. This, however, isn’t entirely true.

Even though aesthetic procedures are a bit expensive, you can easily afford them. Also, many plastic surgery centres offer flexible financing options even if you’re going with the pricier ones.

Having said that, non-invasive procedures are quite budget-friendly. For example, you can easily get Botox treatment by spending just $350 in the U.S., whereas in other countries, it’s further inexpensive. In India, you can get it for as low as just $6. 

It is Only for Women

Initially, people used to believe that only women can undergo plastic/cosmetic surgeries, and these procedures are not for men. However, now, the times have changed, and currently, 15% of patients that get these surgeries are men. And the demand for such procedures is still increasing as just like women, men also want to look their best. Despite everything that people say, appearance does matter! 

It’s Only for the Haughty

People believe that only narcissists get plastic surgeries. However, studies have revealed that people who underwent reformative surgeries lead a better life now. 

It’s true that plastic surgery doesn’t add years to your life; rather, it adds life to your years. Therefore, people who opt for plastic surgery genuinely want to improve their quality of life. Moreover, many procedures such as eyelid surgery in Dubai are recommended by doctors to treat medical issues such as obstruction of vision.

Long Recovery Times

These surgical procedures don’t require extra downtime. However, like other surgical procedures, they require some recovery time. 

But you need to spend downtown only if you undergo surgery. Non-surgical procedures don’t need any recovery time. CoolSculpting, Botox, fillers etc. are some of the procedures that don’t require any downtime and you can straight go to work after getting them.

It is Deadly

Regardless of the procedure, undergoing surgery is dangerous. So, like all other surgical procedures, invasive aesthetic procedures do carry a bit of risk factor with them. However, your surgeon will clearly tell you about the risks and complications involved before performing the procedure.

On the other hand, if you’re opting for non-surgical procedures, then you can rest assured that they’re absolutely safe.

It’s Agonizing

People believe that undergoing plastic surgery will hurt them a lot. But, it's not entirely true. Because not all aesthetic procedures hurt, especially the non-invasive ones. These procedures are nearly painless and you won’t feel anything. At the same time, cosmetic surgical procedures might be painful, just like any other surgery. This is why doctors usually apply anaesthesia before performing such procedures.

In all, these are just a few of the myths that follow plastic surgeries. We hope that we’re able to clear them for you. But if you still have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below.

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