10 Mistakes to Avoid When Having a Pool Remodeled

The more the pool parties, the faster your backyard oasis will deteriorate— a simple equation that ends up with your pool getting wrecked.  And eventually, you would have no option but to get it remodeled to keep enjoying the splashy events. Pool remodeling is an exorbitant investment, which is why there is no room for mistakes. Carelessness, on the other hand, can take a huge toll on your budget. To help you keep your budget minimum, we have pointed out some things that you should absorb and understand. So, let’s find out how you can avoid some common pool remodeling mistakes.

  1. DIY Every Task

Taking things into your own hands is indeed the best way to save money, but not always — especially not in the case of something as heavy-duty and complex as pool remodeling. Since you’re not a professional nor do you have a team, anything can go wrong. Remodeling tasks demand special tools as well as the knowledge and skills to handle them, which is not equipped by every homeowner. However, you can DIY some basic tasks, but it would be best to leave the rest of the project to industry experts.

  1. Ignoring Leaks and Small Cracks

Even one seemingly trivial and non-threatening crack can put your whole pool at risk, especially if it is a structural fissure. You may ask “how?” Well, cracks grow and spread, causing the structure to eventually leak. Not to forget, they can also give rise to more slits and breaches, which can end up causing irreparable damage.

Would it not be better to deal with them earlier so that you can avoid expensive repairs? That is exactly why you should keep an eagle eye on your pool. If any cracks appear, treat them right away, or call professionals to have an inspection to estimate the extent of the problem.

  1. Not Planning Beforehand

Pool remodeling isn’t something that you can proceed with without planning properly. You should ploy and think about everything from the repairs, needs, to the cost and timeline of the project. This will not only enhance the chances of successfully pulling off the project but will also help you complete it quickly. Once you are done devising a plan, you can discuss it with your pool remodeling contractor. Planning will make it easier for both you and the contractor to be on the same page all the time.

  1. Vacuuming Amidst an Algae Plague

 Using an automatic pool cleaner against algae infestation might be your first instinct, however, a huge mistake. They are designed to handle a good deal of debris, but not colossal masses of algae. It will clog the system, causing it to burn down — a financial blow to your budget.

Instead of vacuuming the slimy water, make sure you treat the water first. Here, a shock treatment would help you slim down the greenish mess. When most of it has been cleaned, you can safely use your cleaner for the final touch.

  1. Hiring the Cheapest

Choose the contractor based on their popularity, portfolio, maker reputation, and transparency. Cost should be considered but shouldn’t be made the sole deciding factor. So, consider all the aforesaid factors before hiring a pool remodeling company.

  1. Delayed Plaster Resurfacing

You might have noticed suspended white and grayish debris suddenly emerging sometime during your pool’s lifetime — that’s flaked off the plaster from the surface. It is a vivid indication that the surface is degenerating. If left ignored, cracks might appear, leading to persistent leakage.

If you have noticed these flakes in the water, reach out to a pool remodeling contractor and run a proper inspection. Surface remodeling might be the only option to stop the flaking once and for all. Therefore, you shouldn’t delay because the situation might worsen over time.

  1. Sticking to Old Equipment

It is essential to replace outdated equipment with new and improved versions to maintain the maximum efficiency of the system. For instance, if you are noticing some equipment making noises or failing to achieve the expected results, change them immediately.

Remodeling after years would mean that the market will probably have better technology. You should consult with your pool remodeling company for better guidance. Surely, it will cost you some extra, but it will be beneficial for you and your pool system in the long run. Also, the fresh pieces of equipment will also reduce the overall maintenance requirement.

  1. Not Thinking Out of the Box

Customers usually forget that they can make the pool a more fun place by adding some additional features for extra entertainment. If you have the budget, you should think out of the box and use this opportunity to make your wildest dreams a reality.

For instance, you can ask for a beautiful fountain, a water slide for children, a deck area for your friends and family, a separate spa area, a baby pool, and so much more. You should also share these ideas with your contractor to find out how practicable they are.

  1. Overlooking the Cost

Since pool remodeling is an expensive project, people can easily go beyond their initially expected budget. Agreeably, it is easier to get carried away, especially when it comes to adding new features to your pool. However, if you don’t want your banks to go empty, you should carefully devise a budget plan and act accordingly.

Don’t forget to discuss it with your contractor, so that you can be informed about affordability. Also, make sure that the company’s policies are transparent to avoid the unexpected bombardment of hidden charges in the end.

  1. Neglecting the After Care

Aftercare holds paramount importance when it comes to pool maintenance. You wouldn’t want your pool to turn into a mess again, would you? Of course, not!

So, if new equipment is installed, make sure you have read the manual to understand how they work. Don’t forget to read the maintenance instructions and the cleaning frequency.

In the case of a freshly remodeled surface, you should know how to clean it properly. You can also get help from the contractor and find more about the aftercare needed for maximum maintenance.

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