8 Reasons You Should Engage a Property Manager


Managing a property on your own is indeed a burdensome task. Regardless of the type of property in Dubai you own, be it a villa, mansion, apartment or flat, there are so many things to take care of.

From handover inspection services to the selection of tenants, the management tasks for Dubai properties are abundant. No matter how tempting and economical it may sound, managing property alone is quite difficult. Therefore, the best way is to engage a professional service provider who can look after your property on your behalf.

With this said, today we’re going to give you some valid reasons why you need to hire a property manager to look after your property. Now let’s take a look at them:

Understands Laws and Regulations

Property managers are professionals who have been in the industry for quite some time; therefore, they’ve good knowledge of the laws and regulations pertaining to properties. As a layman, dealing with legal affairs can be quite daunting.

Similarly, dealing with rental laws and fulfilling all the formalities before handing over your property to a tenant can be quite tricky. However, when you hire a property manager to look after your property, you will be spared from these tasks as it will be their responsibility to take care of such matters.

Have Market Insight

Property managers belong to the real estate sector so they’re well updated on the latest market conditions. Therefore, they can give you proper advice on matters regarding your property such as how much rent you should ask for. Likewise, they can also give you a market insight on when is the perfect time for selling your property. For instance, you want to list your villa in Arabian Ranches 3 in the market but don’t know how much to demand for. This is where your property manager will bail you out as they know the market inside out.

Can Give You Good Marketing Advice

Knowing the market trends is essential for securing the right tenants. This is where your property manager will help you as they have hands-on experience of effectively putting up a property on the market. Effective marketing is imperative for getting quality tenants and for this you can use multiple platforms for advertising your property.

No More Tenant Selection Process

A property manager taking care of your property on your behalf means that they’ll handle all the tasks for you. This includes finding the right tenants for your property. They will interview potential tenants and then after proper investigation select what seems most suitable.

Keeps Your Property in the Best Possible Condition

After hiring professional property managers, you no longer have to worry about the maintenance of your property. They will ensure that your property gets its maintenance regularly and on time.

Additionally, they’ll also carry out timely inspections of your property to detect any upcoming repair work. Similarly, if you’ve rented out your properties then your tenants will contact your property manager instead of you in case of any issue.

But that’s not all, as property managers are always getting properties maintained, they’ve contacts with material providers and can get you stuff at discount.  As a result, you’ll get to save money on the maintenance work of your property.

Retention of Tenants

Retaining good tenants is the best way of ensuring that your property is being handled properly. The key to tenant retention is a good relationship with the tenants and for this property managers are experts.

Property managers have ample experience in handling tenants. Therefore, they’ll foster good relationships with your tenants. Having good terms with your tenants not only helps in keeping them retained but it also comes in handy in other matters as well.

Handles All the Paperwork

Another added benefit of engaging a property manager is that you no longer have to worry about the paperwork. Whether you’re renting out your property or selling it, all the paperwork and legal formalities will be handled by your property manager. 

Proper completion of paperwork is essential when you’re renting or selling your property. Because the law will give relief based on your paperwork. This is why proper and lawful completion of paperwork and signing of contracts is important and you as a landowner should pay attention to it.

Eviction of Tenants

Bad tenants are undoubtedly a nightmare. They not only damage your property but also destroy your peace of mind. Therefore, before you rent out your Palm Jumeirah villas, check the history of tenants beforehand to avoid getting bad tenants. Unfortunately, if somehow you still get tenants that are damaging your property, your property manager will get those tenants evicted.

In a nutshell, taking care of a property is without any doubt a hassle. However, you can conveniently shift this burden by hiring a property manager to do the job. These are some of the privileges you can enjoy after engaging one.

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