6 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Kid Enrolled in a Summer Camp

It doesn’t take long for kids to get bored during the most anticipated time of the year – the summer break. The idea of not attending school certainly sounds fascinating, but soon the monotony kicks in and they find themselves amidst boredom. Since the climate in Dubai tends to be warmer, they can’t play outdoors. Resultantly, they are glued to their smartphones/tech gadgets all day long, which certainly isn’t a good habit.

Parents often find it difficult to keep their kids engaged and entertained during the summer break. This is where the idea of getting them enrolled in summer camps kicks in. You can easily find numerous options pertaining to summer camps for kids in Dubai. However, make sure to ask the following questions before finalizing one:

1.           What is the duration and timing of the camp?

Firstly, you should ask about the duration of the camp so that you can plan accordingly. Mostly, summer camps for kids do not last very long. Still, it’s a better idea to know about the number of days you will have to send your kids to the camp.

While you’re at it, also ask about the timing of the camp. Some camps include overnight stays, while others engage kids for a limited time of the day. If it’s the latter case, ask about the drop off and pick up hours.

2.           Is this a traditional or specialty camp?

There are different types of summer camps, with traditional and specialty being the most prominent ones. For the uninitiated, a traditional summer camp is the general and the most common type. The campers, in this program, take part in different activities designed for them.

On the other hand, specialty camps have a rather targeted focus. For example, a camp designed solely for kids who are interested in performing arts is an example of a specialty camp. If you intend to enroll your kid in such a program, make sure to ask about their interest prior to getting them registered because different camps offer different programs.

3.           What activities campers can take part in?

Make a point to know about different activities kids will take part in during the camp. These activities usually vary depending on the location of the camp. For example, a summer camp located in an adventure park may allow kids to indulge in zip lining and other such activities.

Knowing about the activities included will help you understand the safety concerns.

4.           Is there an indoor facility?

Taking part in outdoor activities is certainly healthy for kids, but the scorching heat in Dubai can make it tough. By playing outdoors for an extended period, kids may develop sunburn or become dehydrated. So, make sure the camp you have selected has an indoor facility. This way, your kid will be able to obtain the benefits of camping and you wouldn’t have to worry about their health.

5.           Is the staff professionally trained?

When you are leaving your kids under the supervision of the staff at the camp, it makes complete sense to know if they are professionally trained or not. This is important for the safety of your kid.

Ask them how they will handle things in case of an emergency or an unpleasant experience. They should have a proper plan to deal with unexpected circumstances.

6.           Is it safe?

Children tend to get reckless and careless when playing outdoors, and this can result in getting injuries. This situation can be avoided if the camp you have selected is completely safe and secure. Ensure that they follow advanced safety measures and kids are made to wear proper gears before they take part in various activities. If there are ziplining and other such activities part of the program, kids must be properly harnessed before taking part in them.

In all, a summer camp does to kids what team building activities do for employees – gives them a break from monotony. It allows them to indulge in activities that they normally don’t get to. Furthermore, they get to know others, become more independent and their confidence level is improved. All this is only possible if you have selected the right summer camp for your kids. And getting answers to the questions discussed above is certainly going to help you with the same.

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