What to Know Before Going for Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

One of the most popular activities in the capital city, the desert safari is a perfect choice if you’re looking to spend some adventure-filled time in the middle of the desert, away from the city life.

However, the experience for the first-timers can be a little intimidating. There are numerous things you must know before going for the Abu Dhabi desert safari. Some of these are:

Reputation of the Company

Desert safari experience depends a lot on the service provider you have selected. There are many companies that offer these trips. You need to select the best one out of the lot.

To do this, get in touch with top-rated companies. Know about what they have to offer. Also, compare their rates as well. Make a point to read their reviews and testimonials online. You can find them on their social media pages and other online communities, including Reddit and Quora. The more observant you are in this regard, the better experience you will be able to have during the safari trip.

Details about Packages

Different Abu Dhabi desert safari companies offer different packages. Try and get every detail about those packages to be able to select the best one that offers you maximum fun at competitive rates. Usually, companies offer these packages:

1. Morning desert safari

2. Evening desert safar
3. Overnight desert safari

All three packages have their own set of salient features. If you’re an early riser, you can opt for the morning package. It includes several fun activities and breakfast as well. The evening package is suitable for those who want to enjoy safari activities when the weather is pleasant. The overnight package includes a camping experience and several recreational and entertainment options.

Details about Deals

Just like packages, desert safari companies offer different deals as well. Again, you have to know all about these deals so that you can select the most appropriate one.

These deals differ from company to company. However, the common ones among them are





Apart from the experience they offer, these deals also vary in terms of activities included. If you want to have the best experience, choose a deal that includes the maximum activities because the desert safari experience is defined by the unique activities it entails.

Dune bashing, ATV quad bike riding, sandboarding, camel riding, etc., are some of the activities that are included in this safari.

Weather Conditions

It’s a known fact that the climate in the emirate remains hot for most part of the year. This can be tough to manage. Having said that, the weather in the desert tends to be pleasant once the sun has set. Therefore, you can pick the evening or overnight desert safari to have the best experience without worrying about suffering from heat stroke or other issues.

Or you can schedule your visit to the emirate during the winter season to avoid this issue. Having said that, you may find it very crowded during this time of the year.

Time of Safari

Carefully choose the time of the safari. If you wish to explore various attractions of the emirate, choose the morning safari. It ends before evening; therefore, you will have plenty of time at your disposal. On the other hand, choosing the overnight package can make you exhausted. It will be necessary for you to take a rest to avoid exhaustion.

Things to Carry

Many people, in order to play safe, make the mistake of carrying a lot of things during their safari trip. This is certainly not recommended as there’s a risk of losing your belongings. So, it’s important to only carry essentials with you, including hand sanitiser, sunglasses, sunblock, etc.

Do not wear heavy jewellery or expensive accessories. Also, carrying water bottles is prohibited as well since you will find them in abundance at the campsite.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! That’s all you need to know before you start booking your desert safari trip in Abu Dhabi. However, don’t forget to follow SOPs during this expedition. Although travel restrictions have been eased, visitors are still instructed to follow all the necessary protocols and guidelines, including wearing masks, using hand sanitisers and maintaining social distance. This is important not only for you and your family but for the safety of other visitors at the campsite as well. 

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