Tips On Using Hot Tubs During Winter

Hot tubbing is not conventionally thought of as a winter time activity, but the heated water has become popular among spa users during the colder months. Given that inground hot tubs are more expensive to install, many people are opting for the portable option. However, there remains the question of whether you can use an inflatable hot tub in winter. This article aims to answer that question, and give you tips on how to use your portable spa in the colder months. 

Can Inflatable Hot Tubs Heat Efficiently When Temperatures Outside Are Below 40 F?

Most conventional guides do not recommend that you go hot tubbing when the ambient temperature is below 40 F when using an inflatable hot tub. However, there have been significant advances in technology in recent years and many models now have equipment powerful enough to handle the task of keeping the water heated despite the colder weather. Keep in mind that not all models are suitable for use in winter, so it’s best to ask beforehand. 

What Can I Do To Help Keep My Water Heated?

Even with high-tech equipment, it doesn’t hurt to help your hot tub along when it's trying to keep the water at your preferred temperature. The most important thing you can do is to insulate the tub. Many inflatable hot tubs have an optional floor protector that helps reduce heat loss to the floor, which is a major problem when the weather is cold. These aren’t meant to handle temperature extremes, so it may be better to give that insulation a boost. A wooden deck below your hot tub can be an effective barrier to help keep heat loss at a minimum. 

Using A Portable Tankless Water Heater

This is like an additional heating system that can be useful if your default heating mechanism is not strong enough. These are using propane heaters, and you should follow the instructions carefully and avoid using them indoors. Nonetheless, they can be cheaper to operate, and perfectly safe if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. 


Benefits Of Hot Tubbing In The Winter

If you have never tried using a hot tub in the winter, it may seem like a hassle at this point. However, there are several health benefits that you can gain from using a hot tub during the colder months. For one thing, the cardiovascular benefits of increasing and decreasing your temperature drastically are many. Traditional hot spring spas in Scandanavian regions usually operate in temperatures well below freezing, and studies have shown that it can help improve heart health as well as immunity. The shock of temperature change serves to strengthen the body’s systems and get blood flowing throughout the body. Additionally, the hot water can be helpful in dealing with insomnia that is common when you’ve got the winter blues. 

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Using a hot tub, even an inflatable one, is possible during the wintertime and it is also beneficial to your health. Consider the tips in this article to make the most of your inflatable hot tub and use it all-year long.

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