5 Important Questions To Ask A DUI Attorney Before You Hire Them


One of the scariest things about going to court is that you don’t know anything about it. When you are in the courtroom, you find everyone knows something about the DUI law, and you are the only one left hanging in the whole situation. 

Even if there are any charges filed against you, you now have one to verify those charges. However, if you have hired a lawyer for your case, then that’s a different story. If you're looking to hire a lawyer, check out a Mesa DUI Attorney for your case

A DUI lawyer by your side can change the whole situation. They will take over the case from your hand and will represent you in the courtroom. And if you have hired Christopher J. Mutimer of Scrofano Law, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with their experience and knowledge.

When looking for lawyers who can understand your current situation and represent you to the best of their potential, you must have a thorough conversation with them, not as a lawyer and client but as a friend. Be frank with what you need and what you are expecting from them.

Question To Ask A DUI Attorney

The best and the simplest way to get your hands on one of the best attorneys for your DUI case is to ask them questions and look for the answers that satisfy you the most. If you can do so, you will be able to meet a lawyer that matches your case requirements.

Here we have listed down a couple of question that can be asked to DUI Attorney.,

Q1. What Experience Do They Have In Handling DUI cases?

A. DUI charges filed against you can leave you upset and make you nervous about the fact of what would happen to you. However, since the penalties of DUI can result in jail sentences, you must hire a lawyer that has enough experience in handling DUI cases to ensure your safety and avoid jail sentences.

If you find that the attorney sitting in front of you has vast experience handling your type of cases, he/she is the one for your case.

Q2. What Kind Of Defense Strategy Do They Follow?

A. to better understand the outcome of the case, you must know about the defense strategy your lawyers will follow. Talk about the defense strategy and ask questions that you don't understand about the strategy; this will help you evaluate your case and come to a predictive conclusion.

When an attorney takes over a case, they are likely to go through the case over and over again to find the relevant evidence to build your case. Therefore, knowing the strategy might help you offer assistance to the case.

Q3. What Is The Likely Outcome Of Your DUI Case?

A. no matter what type of case you're fighting, this question remains common for all the lawyers- what would be the outcome of the case. Although the case is unpredictable and impossible to predict the exact result, having a predictive positive outcome acts like a glimmer of hope.

Q4. Is There A Possibility Of Jail Sentence?

A. Possibility of a jail sentence is when you need a lawyer. Many first-time DUI offenders do not receive any jail sentence. However, if the charges are severe, that can be a different story. In addition, different states have different laws regarding punishment. If you are not clear about the punishment, talk to your lawyers and ask them to enlighten you about this fact.

Q5. How Long Would The DUI Case Last?

A. A DUI case can take from a couple of weeks to several months, depending on the severity of the case. So yes, the DUI cases move faster than the other cases, but there are times when some cases face difficulties and complications that extend the tenure of the DUI case. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it; here are the top questions you need to ask your DUI lawyer hiring them. This question might seem obvious, but it gives an elaborate insight into the extent of the lawyer's capabilities in handling your case.

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