How To Choose the Template for Experience Cloud


Software development is mandatory for improving a company’s performance. Modern tools make it easier to work with resources, enhance the consumer experience, and boost profits. A company can attract and retain customers by using a new approach to interaction between community members. 

To interact with your target audience, use a template for clouds. A variety of options will enable you to integrate the unique solution and achieve your goal. Use the capabilities of a cloud storage to grow your business. Advanced Communities advice will help you to decide on an appropriate communication method.

Templates for developing a unique community website

By using unique tools, you will be able to gain customer support. By creating a separate Salesforce community custom template, you will be able to provide your clients with the necessary information and attract their maximum attention. A significantly simpler resource operation has a positive impact on the company’s reputation.

The common template options, the following are worth being mentioned:

  1. Knowledge base for solving problems. You won’t have to develop a separate website containing answers to common questions since this function is available automatically. Develop your proprietary knowledge base that will be easily used by regular and new customers.

  2. Editing the client information. By getting access to the account information, clients will be able to change and edit the data. Application of community website templates will make it easy to introduce changes to requests and other information.

  3. The customer service optimization. According to recommendations, this template should be used to solve various issues easily. Users get access to a single knowledge base, exchange information, and create cases.

  4. Communication with partners. Paying close attention to the needs of your partner companies will help you to ensure their support. Create templates for sharing information about transactions and other important operations quickly. You will be able to implement it thanks to Salesforce Lightning templates.

  5. Opportunity to create your proprietary customized templates. You can add and exclude functions from the list and thus create a product that will meet your business partners’ and customers’ requirements. Improved operations become a guarantee of closer attention to your services and offers.

The choice of a suitable solution depends on the business environment's peculiarities. By customizing the templates, you will be able to create a comfortable space for every user.

Advantages of custom template

Access to useful information and easy data management makes it possible to take your business to the next level. Application of the examples of portal websites helps to provide answers in the shortest possible time independently from your employees. Working process optimization will make it possible to reduce the load on the staff and save time for performing equally important tasks.

The fact that a software developer needs no special skills contributes to simple management of the created templates’ functions. You have to employ professionals to work with specialized templates, but most often you can develop pages without any preparation.

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