8 Ways To Free Up Space In Your Basement

Going through your storage could be intimidating because you might have so much stuff to organize or get rid of. But the longer you delay freeing up space in your basement, the more likely you’ll end up with more items in your basement.  

Essentials In Freeing Up Space

Aside from setting an immediate time to do it, here are some other ways to free up some space: 

1. Plan The Process Out 

Going through your storage area to free up space would benefit significantly in planning. Having a checklist of what you plan to do is one way to go through the entire process smoothly.  

Having materials ready like boxes and garbage bags might be necessary. For safety, using protective gloves and a mask will keep you safe from any cuts or from inhaling dust or mold. You could also use this link or look for other rubbish removal services to help you get rid of all the junk you’ve accumulated. 

2. Set A Goal 

Try to think about how you want your basement to look after this project. It’s good to think about how much stuff you could get rid of or how you want to use the free space in your basement.  

Having a goal is an excellent way to keep yourself from keeping unnecessary things or ending up with an incomplete job. Here are some things you might consider when setting a goal: 

  • Criteria for things to get rid of 
  • Set a date to do it 
  • Come up with a schedule 
  • Set standards for future storage

3. Go Through Every Item 

Once you get started, it might get overwhelming. But going through every item might be important because you wouldn’t want to end up throwing out something important to you.  

Each time you take a look at each item, you could ask yourself if you like it or need it. Here are some questions you could ask yourself while going through your storage: 

  • How often do you use it? 
  • How much do you love it? 
  • Do you own other similar items? 
  • Could someone use the item more than you do? 
  • Is it broken? 
  • Do you want it more than free space?

If you plan to remodel your basement, it’s good to keep some pictures close by to remind you of how you want your space to look as you go through items.

4. Declutter 

Decluttering is one of the best ways for you to free up space in your basement. While going through the items, it'd be helpful to separate them. You could have four categories or more depending on what you could think of. But to keep things simple, here’s how you can label the things: 

  • Things to keep 
  • Things to throw out 
  • Things to donate 
  • Things to sell

While selling could help you profit, you might end up holding on to some things in hopes of someone buying them in the future. One way to avoid this is to have a garage sale or limit the time you sell the items, whether in person or online. Whatever you don’t sell, you could donate instead. 

5. Get Storage Pieces 

Whatever items you choose to keep, it'd be best if you didn’t just put them back in their old boxes and shove them into a corner. Instead, you might want to set a better standard by investing in better organization and storage pieces. Open shelving and airtight boxes are fantastic ways to keep things protected. 

6. Organize Items According To Seasons 

Organizing your items according to seasons is a great way to get things in and out quickly and efficiently. For example, you could keep Christmas items in one or two boxes at the top of the shelf. For the items you use more often, no matter what season it is, you might want to keep them in the middle of the shelf to make them easier to reach. 

7. Use Labels 

Labeling your items keeps things organized for a longer time, making it easier to find things. Once you’re finished using them, you’ll know exactly where to put them back. And for anyone else in your home, they won’t have to ask you where the things are and where to store certain items. 

8. Try Wall Storage For Tools 

If you use the basement to keep your tools, try looking into wall storage so you could safely hang up some of your tools. Toolboxes might be a bit too bulky, and using wall storage helps you see all your things while securely keeping them in storage. 


Whether you plan to convert your basement into a studio or a home theater, one of the first steps is to free up some space. This might allow you to get more real estate to bring in better furniture, electronics, or decorative pieces to perk up the basement. Aside from this, you could also clean out the area and see if any problems need to be addressed.

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