7 Most Common Health Problems Men Face


7 Most Common Health Problems Men Face

The life expectancy gap between men and women has always been a matter of discussion. With medical studies proving how women live longer than men, doctors have been trying to screen the health problems in men. Science has always claimed that most diseases are most likely to affect men than women. From cardiovascular diseases to sexual disorders, there is a lot on the line. Research and medical reports claim that the lack of self-awareness and negligence is the leading cause of this issue. Nonetheless, it is high time that we encounter common health issues and realize men matter!


The fact that society is so paranoid about males having mental health issues or sexual problems does a lot of harm! The ideology of manhood being “tough and strong” induces them to consider their health on the back foot. Also, toxic habits like smoking and drinking take a toll on their health too. Let us know more about the common diseases that affect males the most to avoid them. And most importantly, get in a habit to focus more on men’s health as men matters!


Men matter, and they should do everything to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Common Health Issues Men Face In A Lifetime

The realization that men matter comes right after they start observing health problems and symptoms. Certain intricacies are common in all that we notice. Whether it be hair balding at a young age or sexual disorders, men are insecure about being unhealthy. That is why most doctors suggest natural supplements, vitamins, and exercises for men to follow. Here is the list of all the ordinarily prevailing health issues.

#1 Cardiovascular Diseases

High blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels lead to several kinds of health diseases. As per reports, over 1.8 million people suffer from a stroke in India per year. And most of these cases are of men! Heart attacks and CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) are also common heart diseases. Doctors recommend exercise and yoga as the solutions apart from eating healthy and following a balanced sleep routine.

#2 Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer cases are increasing rapidly, with more and more being affected by it! Although the aggressiveness of this disease varies, it is dangerous because there are no early signs of it. Yes, it can grow without the patient knowing it! Men matter to understand the complexities related to this health issue. Taking healthy natural supplements can keep the risks of cancer at bay!

#3 Erectile Dysfunction

With the social taboo and insecurity related to men’s sexual problems, India has achieved a milestone in erectile dysfunction. Yes, it has been titled the “Impotence Capital of the World.” Yes, as per some prominent medical researchers, almost 30% of men aged below 40 and 20% of all age groups suffer from ED in the country.

The reports reveal around 53% of men do not even understand or realize ED as a health condition. Men matter, and so does their health condition! It is high time our society breaks this taboo and starts to act on this problem. Consult a doctor and do not shy away from this daunting condition.

#4 Respiratory Diseases

According to the WHO reports, India accounts for 10% of the total smokers in the world. Yes, 25% of adult men in India smoke tobacco which is the leading cause of respiratory cancer and failure. The incidence of teenage smoking is also increasing, and the condition is getting worse. We have to preach to our society that men matter and they should adopt healthy habits.

#5 Depression

Depression has become the disease of the modern world, as the competitive world and unhealthy lifestyle consume our mental energy. Reports suggest almost 50 million Indians suffer from depression while 38 million go through anxiety attacks. We need to consider mental health as a matter of concern too!

#6 Alopecia & Hair Balding

Alopecia and baldness are one of the most common health problems in men. Badling is a sign of nutritional deficiency and genetic disease, among other causes. Taking some natural supplements, following a balanced diet, and using tools like derma rollers can help the condition. The ones who firmly believe men matter should look after their wellness too.

#7 Diabetes

Diabetes is also a common problem even in men who do not have a sweet tooth! India houses over 77 million diabetics, which is the second-largest in the world. Healthy eating habit is the best way to combat this common health issue.


With a bit of awareness and realization about how men matter, we can combat these diseases conveniently. Identify the early signs of health issues and take precautions immediately. Pursue a healthy lifestyle and take natural supplements to fulfill the nutritional needs. A lot of online sites have been promoting male fitness and health. Find the best one, take the right supplements and follow doctors’ guidelines to have the best support.

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