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Rummy has been ranked amongst the Top 5 Most Popular Indoor Games in the world with its popularity only soaring higher with time. The game is part of many cultures and has several other names.

In India, it has been a Hit in almost all festivals for many years now. Since Rummy is such an old game, it has a very rich history. Unlike other Board Games, Rummy is far more popular in India, probably due to its cultural influence in the country. So, let us learn more about it and join in on the fun ride of Rummy!

Rummy - What Is It And How Is It Played? 

Rummy for real money is a card game whose basic principle is to achieve the Best Hand. The online version of the game has a Ranking Board for each hand unlike the offline form, it offers real cash prizes to its winners. You can choose to play with real money or with virtual sets in the game. 

The game's rules include the following - 

Players are allowed to play with two decks of cards where each player must possess two Jokers. A player gets six cards where all the players use the two decks of cards and another hand of seven cards. The game has a Scorer who keeps in check of the scores of the players along with a Dealer who deals at the beginning of each game. The main concern of the game is to put a card on top, rotate it upwards, and adjust it in a way in which your main card is left out. Make sure that you always have the upper hand in the game. Rummy is not just an entertaining game but a game requiring the use of brains as it calls for a lot of strategic ideas, thinking and ways to trick your opponents. It is not just an ordinary board game but a good way to enhance your personality in your day-to-day activities. The game can also help to improve your brain skills and test your luck.


Games help us enjoy this busy world where we get to use our imagination to the fullest. We hope that through our article, we were able to help you teach about the game of Rummy. We wish you a good time enjoying this game with your new addition of knowledge and hope you have a good time playing!

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