Which 5 Features Must Be A Part of Member Management System?


With the growth of your facility, the needs of members have also increased. The need has grown so much that your previous solution has failed to meet them. With the increase in members, you also need to shift towards a Membership Management System. There is no shortage of the availability of software in the market. To choose the best one you must have a clear idea in your mind of what this software stands for?

Software for member management is an advanced form of CRM software, which is also commonly used in gym management systems. This helps in managing your members efficiently and extraordinarily. It also helps in streamlining different administrative tasks of your business. It facilitates effective communication with members to boost member engagement. It makes it easy for you to create and improve different facilities based on their preference. Even you can arrange an event on the demand of members.

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Essential Features of Management Software:

Without taking into account your membership program, you have to look for certain features in software.

·         Able to Manage Profile of Members:

The software is responsible to cater to members must store all information related to members. This software will separate specific information from other features of the software. This specific information includes:

·         Attendance Record:

This software provides information about the appointment and shows attendance regarding appointment details.

·         Connection:

This software shows the connection between you and your clients. This connection is visible in the form of chats with your clients.

·         Membership Level:

Your most loyal members deserve rewards from you. A Membership Management System makes it easy for you to identify loyal customers. After identification, you can offer them discounts to appreciate their loyalty.

1.    Automatic Membership Renewal:

For member retention, it is necessary to have a solid connection with them. Automatic renewal will drastically increase the chances of membership renewal. This all can happen by just notifying clients that their membership needs renewal. The trails of reminders for membership renewal include:

·         Timely Reminder:

A timely reminder provide your clients plenty of time for the renewal of their membership.

·         Recurring:

Keep members aware of renewal without making them annoying.

·         Personalized Reminder:

Send an email to your clients having a link to the personalized renewal form.

This software sends a welcome message to those who renew their membership process. It issues notices for those who haven't applied for renewal after the expiry date of renewal.

2.    Efficient Payment Process:

The efficient payment process of Wellyx is not only necessary for the payment of dues. This also plays a key role in enhancing the experience of clients. After having the best payment methods, you have to make sure that your CRM is integrated with them. The effective integration of CRM will help you in tracking and managing:

·         Purchases made by members.

·         Registration of members.

·         Refunds.

·         Online purchase prices.

3.    Reporting and Analytics:

In reports, nothing is more important than analytics for an organization's long-term goal. There is no way to move forward without information about what have you done good or bad in the past. This software is capable of generating customized reports for different departments. The traits of reporting feature of this software include:

·         This creates reports on standard as well as customized fields.

·         The simple interface of the report.

·         You can export it easily in common file types.

The access to the information of members will help you to set future goals. These goals will help you to keep the needles moving. The other benefit is you don’t need any other software except this one. This is capable of providing you ease in all departments of your business.

4.    Self-Service Member Portals:

The purpose of the software is to serve members. The most crucial features of the Software for Management of Members is the availability of the own portal of clients.  There is a great need of handing over the power of engagement to the members. So, that they can feel that you are giving importance to what they feel.  The options which gave them full control include:

·         Provide them full control of their portal.

·         They can easily schedule appointments online.

·         Online networking and communication outlets.

·         The option of continuous education and access to performance details.

Members always want to expand their period of association, if you offer them the best engagement options. Empowerment is the element that can induce satisfaction in anyone. Because everyone loves to have an authority on the thing which is related to them. This feature has fulfilled the core purpose of CRM, which is customer satisfaction.

Final Words:

Members act as a backbone for your business. The stronger your backbone will be, the more chances of growth will be. So, if you are keen to progress there is no alternative to the superb technology.

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