Which is the Best De-addiction Center in Jaipur?


According to the recent  Times of India report, drug abuse cases rise  40% in Jaipur.  The record increases during the lockdown as the peoples are getting depressed due to financial issues, working issues, less of jobs seeking, etc. and for getting sedation of all such issues many of them started using drugs, liquor, smoking, etc.    


Looking for the best de-addiction center in Jaipur is quite stressful as in Jaipur there are many centers and clinics having professional doctors for the rehabilitation of such patients. But to select best among them is quite impossible.


It is so dreadful that people are not aware of the de-addiction famous and popular renowned Dr. Sanjay Jain. The doctor is well- precise and treats his patients with all the comfort and safety so that he or she will not feel shy or uneasy.


What is the meaning of de-addiction center?

De-addiction means getting someone out from the addiction of taking an abuse disorder substance in daily life which harmful effects life. It is a physical and psychological ineptitude to stop the intake of drugs, chemical or substance even when known that it is causing mental and physical harm. This person is habitual of having these substances on a regular basis even after knowing that they will affect our life. Medical clinics or centers which help you to come out of the addictions are known as de-addiction centers.

The best de-addiction center in Jaipur is the center or clinic of Dr. Sanjay Jain who is famous and popular in knowing the best psychiatrist treatment in Jaipur. 


Types of Addiction

As the types of addiction and addictive substances are many but now major options are: -

     Chemical addiction: - it involves the use of addictive substances which affects the functioning of the normal human being’s brain.

     Behavioral addiction: - it involves the compulsive behavior and they are repetitive and persistent that one can carry out even after it doesn't have any real benefit. 

Damages caused due to Addiction

Addiction is a long-term disease that can also occur because of the addictive use of abuse substances on a regular basis. When a person becomes habitual of addiction then he or she will lose self-control and control of their senses. After having a use of it they cannot know how to manage things or actively participate in things and they now depend on these addiction items for survival.  Every year, addiction to smoking, illicit drugs, alcohol, etc. will lead to a high cost in the economy and not only in monetary terms but in highly expensive treatment work, energy loss, work lost, resources lost and this too affect the increase in crime. Many people nowadays start using drugs or engage in an activity. Even so, addiction can take over an individual and reduce self-control.


Addiction Symptoms 

     Physical appearances change, including in a remarkable decline of hygiene of the addicted person.

     Increment in using of drugs in an unusual manner

     Inaptitude of using drugs, after known that it leads to health problems and personal problems.

     Disorderly engage in harmful levels of habit-forming behavior.

     Problems in relationship status, which too leads to whipping out of people the one who notices dependency.

     No more shows interest in psychological or physical activities

     Risk-taking increases, both to acquire activity and harmful substances.

Treatments to Attain De-addiction

Rehabilitation programmes and support groups can show the speedy recovery of their patients. Therapeutic advances and progress in diagnosing put an effort and helped the medical community to develop various ways to resolve and handle the addiction.


Some of them methods are here-

     Treatments related with psychological factors,

     Drug- based treatments


     Behavioral therapy,


     To reduce the risk relapse - ongoing care is must.


Addiction treatment is highly customized and needs the support of an individual family or community. The treatment of this is quite complicated and it may take a long time to successfully complete. Addiction is the dreadful act of to affect the life of an individual with a range of physical and psychological effects.


Addiction treatment is brutal, but it can lead to a useful one. For complete knowledge about the treatment the best part is knowing about the addiction and substance presentation and this varies from person to person. And the treatment includes counselling, medical support and medications, etc.



De-addiction treatment by leading Dr. Sanjay Jain

Dr. Sanjay Jain provides you with the best amenities and successful treatment of getting cured from de-addiction. The doctor helps out in solving all your problems of addictions. The doctor is a well known and reputed doctor in the Jaipur city. Dr. Snajay Jain is the best among all and has a well-maintained Nasha Mukti kendra in Jaipur. The doctor will use the mixed up procedure of medication and therapy to bring out the best end result and successfully overcome an issue of this problem. You need to be trustful and certain that you are going in most trusted hands for your addictions treatments as he is the most prime and leading doctor for the psychiatrists treatment in jaipur. He takes care of your information confidential and keeps privacy during the treatments and after that too. He makes sure that the person feel comfort and safe with him


The Takeaway of the Blog

The above blog provides you with the complete knowledge of the de-addiction treatment and type and symptoms related with the addiction. The blogs give the doctor details and the center which is most suitable for you. The medical center which helps you to get out of the addiction. Dr. Sanjay jain is best for opting the de-addiction doctor in jaipur.  And for further details and book an appointment you can visit the official website https://www.psychiatristjaipur.com/

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