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CBSE brings something new in their sample papers and Class 12 Question Paper every year, but this time, more than a few things have changed. Want to know what CBSE has in-store for you this time? It’s disclosed here in this article. Scroll down a little, and you will find a detailed analysis of the changes made in the sample papers.


Also, download the CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 from VSI Jaipur. To make your class 12 exam preparation easier, they also share many useful resources. Find out how you can get help for your exam preparation from VSI Jaipur.


But before that, you must know why solving any other sample papers in class 12 is a bad idea. Solving other sample papers can affect your preparation instead of helping you.


Why are CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 better than other papers available in the market?

Many sample paper books and exemplars are available in the market and even online for class 12 students. But they are not good for your exam preparation. Sample Papers from CBSE are way better than others. Why?

Because the team of CBSE examiners designs the CBSE sample papers. Questions selected by them are a more accurate indication of the question paper pattern of the upcoming CBSE Class 12th exams.


By solving other sample papers that are not from CBSE, you will get in the circle of “what to study for CBSE Class 12th exams and what topics are more important.” Because you will find either too easy or too difficult levels of questions in the other sample papers. You should only stick to solving CBSE Class 12 previous year papers and the latest sample papers to avoid a misleading state of mind.


Download CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 from VSI Jaipur

CBSE Class 12th Papers for practice are given on the link above for all subjects. CBSE also shares the solutions and stepwise marking scheme, which you can download from the VSI Jaipur website.

CBSE Class 12th sample paper 2021 of subjects like Accountancy, Maths, Economics, Business Studies, English, and other subjects are available at VSI. 

To better understand the CBSE Class 12 question paper pattern, you can get the old sets of question papers from VSI. These CBSE Class 12 Papers of previous years will help you understand the changes that CBSE has made over the years and questions from which chapters are often asked in the exam.


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The complete guidance and pathway to completing class 12 studies and acing the exams are available by VSI Jaipur. They also help students in making their career by providing professional classes for CA, CS, CMA. If you are preparing for these professional exams with class 12 board exams, you will get the best guidance at VSI Jaipur. Visit their website for more information.


New Exam Pattern as per CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021

CBSE has made a lot of changes this year in the sample paper. If you have seen any of the CBSE Class 12th Board paper 2020 or other last ten-year papers, you will be able to identify the level of changes CBSE has made. Besides the syllabus reduction, CBSE has turned a major chunk of the question paper pattern and type of questions. Here is a brief analysis of the main class 12th subjects’ sample papers:



     Increase in the number of MCQs in 1 mark questions in the sample paper.

     Introduction of journal entry-based MCQ for the first time. Such types of questions come in professional exams like CA, CS.

     More concept-based questions are asked instead of lengthy questions.



     Introduction of Case Studies Based Questions (CBQ) for the first time is done in the sample paper.

     The case studies are asked based on concepts and current affairs.

     Other questions are also related to general knowledge and recent happenings. With this CBSE Class 12th sample paper 2021 of Economics, it is clear that you need to read the last few months' current affairs if you want to ensure 90+ marks in the exams.

     CBSE has introduced assertion and reason type of questions. Such types of questions come in professional exams.


Business Studies

     Increase in the number of 1 mark questions.

     Increase in the total number of questions.

     There are many Case Studies Based Questions (CBQ) in 1 mark questions.

     The other questions, besides the one mark questions, are mostly straight.



     Earlier, the questions were of 1, 2, 4, 6 marks. The pattern is changed to 1, 2, 3, 5 marks in the Maths CBSE Class 12th sample paper 2021.

     Increase in the number of 1 mark questions.

     Increase in the total number of questions.

     There are many Case Studies Based Questions (CBQ) in 1 mark questions. Such types of questions are asked in professional exams.

     More internal choice is provided in questions.


English Core

     Complete question paper pattern is changed in CBSE Class 12th sample paper 2021 of English Core. The 40 mark paper contains MCQs, and the rest 40 marks are for descriptive answer writing.

     There are two unseen passages, each of 10 marks. All questions of the unseen passages are MCQs.

     Extract questions are all MCQ-based.

     Eight questions from the literature section are MCQs.

     Article writing, report writing, letter writing questions are now of only five marks in the writing section.

     Short answer questions from Flamingo (2x5) and Vistas (2x2) are given separately.

     The two long answer questions in the literature section are of 5 marks now.


 Along with the CBSE Class 12th sample paper 2021, the marking scheme and solutions are also available. The marking scheme and solutions clearly show the stepwise marks for the solutions. This time you have to be precise while writing your answer and keep it to the point. You cannot write things around the main topic and expect full marks.


 CBSE Class 12th sample paper 2021 (for all subjects) indicates that CBSE is shifting the question pattern towards more conceptual clarity. The introduction of new case-based questions is to make all students familiar with the pattern of professional course exams. So dive deep into the books and concepts if you want to score well in the upcoming CBSE Class 12th exams. Don’t stray to other things; stick to the CBSE and NCERT study material.

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