What Everybody Ought to Know About Magnetic Tapes

One of the most reliable tapes there is called magnetic tape. Because these types of tapes are not your typical tape, it might be best to get your magnetic tape online so you can have a wider variety of options.

There are many types of tapes. Different types will meet your specific needs, from using tapes for arts and craft to using them for repairs. It is important to know what type of bondage you intend to achieve to know the right type of tape you should get. 

 If you have never heard of magnetic tapes, here is a concise guide regarding them.

What exactly are magnetic tapes?

By definition, magnetic tape is a type of tape that uses magnetism instead of standard adhesive for its adhering and gripping ability. Because magnetic tapes are not your typical tapes, they allow a quick and easy way to adjust, remove, and even reuse them without leaving any residue behind.

What are magnetic tapes made of?

One of the most popular elements magnetic tapes are made of is barium ferrite or strontium ferrite. Combining these materials with specific magnetic iron particles is commonly wrapped in a heat-sensitive plastic adhesive substance to produce the finished product.

Where can you use magnetic tapes?

Commercial magnetic tapes are used in several applications and settings that are based on various complex purposes. Magnetic tapes are very beneficial as you could use them in posters, dividers, placards, signs, and point-of-sale materials usually placed in factories, shops, and even exhibition halls.

Additionally, you could also devise a makeshift storage space for ferromagnetic objects (anything made from a material attracted to magnets) by allowing them to attract each other.

What are the different types of magnetic tapes?

Several types of magnetic tapes vary in length and elements with a range of linings for different purposes. Their dimensions are typically measured in metres (m) or millimetres (mm). However, you can also cut the magnetic tape if you require a specific length.

Magnetic tapes are typically white or black, but if you wish to have your magnetic tapes in another colour, it is best to get your magnetic tape online as these magnetic tape providers offer a wider variety of colourful options--white, black, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, purple, and even reflective magnetic tapes to better suit your demands.

Are magnetic tapes attracted to each other?

Magnetic tapes come in two forms: type A and type B. The phrase “opposites attract” is applicable in this situation. For example, if you try to place two magnetic tapes of the same elements on one another, each will resist the other. 

How strong are magnetic tapes?

Because magnetic tapes are not your typical tapes, the strength of a magnetic tape can be calculated using the formula below.

  1. Measure the surface area of your magnetic tape by multiplying the length by its width.

  2. Multiply this number by its adhesive power per square centimetre.

In a nutshell, not all magnetic tapes are made equal. It would be best to know the work you expect your magnetic tape to do and factor in their length and width for you to maximise its benefits. Strong magnetic tapes are ideal for heavy-duty applications, but for the most part, magnetic tapes are generally durable and allow a remarkable pull force.

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