The summer sun is glaring worldwide, and people can throw around some shade with the most trendy and fashionable sunglasses. Several sunglasses shapes are available on the market, including sunglasses for running. While all of them may look good, only some have made the cut as the most trendy polarised sunglasses for 2021.


Before moving on to the sunglasses trends of 2021, it is imperative to understand why polarised shades are better. Polarised shades have a chemical applied to the lens. This chemical blocks out excessive light that could damage the eyes. Opting for polarised lenses when going outside is a wise decision.


Sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes, and most of them are unisexual. Sunglasses’ shapes evolve with fashion, changing every other season. But some shapes have persevered over the years. For example, aviators are still a classic addition to any outfit. Here are some of the trends that will turn heads this year,

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Round Frames with Side Shields

Round frames have been in fashion for a while. The latest round frames that are in trend today have a slight enhancement. The sides of the frame are thicker than the rest, a sort of shield jutting out the sides. The side shields may have latticework for added effect. These glasses come in a variety of lens colours, and the frames are usually in metallic colours like silver and gold.

Clubmaster Sunglasses

These sunglasses have a thin rim at the bottom and a thicker frame on the top. The lenses are usually anti-reflective and multi-colour, giving off a party vibe. They look good on all face shapes and can pair well with urban and chic outfits. 

Geometric Lines 

Geometric lines are also making headways in other sectors of the fashion industry. Straight lines and geometric shapes are the trendiest patterns today. Octagonal and hexagonal shaped sunglasses with slim metallic frames with tinted glasses are the rage right now. These shapes look good both on men and women and also suit all face shapes.

Square Frames

People usually equate square frames with wayfarers, but these frames are oversized. They cover the cheekbones and go a little above the eyebrows. The frames are thicker than wayfarers as well and are usually a different colour from the lens. They may even have embellishments on them for a more upscale look. 

Cat-Eye Glasses

These frames have been in trend for a while, and mostly in women’s fashion. Cat-eye frames come in varying thicknesses and sizes. The frames can either be the same colour or in contrast with the lens. Some of the most exuberant polarised sunglasses are cat-eye frame shades with studded frames.

Tortoiseshell Frames

Tortoiseshells are also popular among prescription glass frames. They come in earthy tones with contrasted fleck, adding character to the outfit. The frames come in several shapes, and people can choose what best suits their face shape.

Shield Glasses

These sunglasses look like the ones scientists use, but with a more urban upgrade. The lenses don’t continue into the frame, with there being a clear delineation. The frames are usually dark colours, and the lenses are tinted and transparent.

Retro Flip-Ups

Flip-up sunglasses usually come in round frames. The lenses have rims that rest on a thicker framework, allowing people to flip the rims up. They usually come in combinations of black and gold, adding to the retro vibe.

Tiny Polarized Sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses cover just the borders of the eye and usually come in loud and bold colours. For example, cherry red lenses with silver frames. These sunglasses are popular amongst several celebrities and can be regularly found on magazine covers. They reflect an uber urban lifestyle that is all about glitzvarious with class.

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