The Many Uses of CBD Tinctures and Other Related Products


When we talk about alternative methods of treatment, some people might mention things like acupuncture, essential oils, and massages, whereas others might talk about herbalism or Chinese medicine.

These alternative forms of treatment, though, have little to no scientific proof about their benefits, yet they are claimed to be very effective by their related communities.

Still, there are two forms of alternative treatment that have started to gain a lot of popularity when it comes to dealing with certain physical and mental conditions, and those are both medicinal cannabis and CBD-based medicinal products.

However, research regarding CBD and medicinal cannabis is still in its early stages, and there’s much to know about the scientific aspects of these alternative methods of treatment. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of evidential proof, as well as testimonials, claiming how effective they can be at dealing with very specific problems.

Sadly, a lot of people see both forms of treatment as controversial, considering how cannabis was once illegal in many places all around the world, and how CBD is related to it as a derivation of said compound.

In this article, I will talk about how medicinal cannabis is capable of providing health benefits and relief, as well as the differences between medicinal cannabis and CBD for medical purposes.

I will also discuss the many presentations you can find. From edibles to oils, smokeable to CBD tinctures, and how all of them work differently but can be used for the same purposes.

Discussing Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis has gained a lot of popularity thanks to its capabilities to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, which is the main reason people use it.

However, it can also be used to fight conditions like sleeping disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, and stress. Some people use it for recreational purposes too, but it depends whether it is legal for recreational use or not.

Nowadays, you can find multiple forms of this medicine, with smokeable cannabis being the most commonly used because of its efficiency and fast effects, and because it is the easiest to find. However, things like edibles, vaping oils, consumable oils, and pills are very common as well.

If you are interested in learning more about the actual benefits of medicinal cannabis, you should check for more detailed information.

The thing is: medicinal cannabis has a very noticeable drawback, and it is a compound found in its structure with the name of tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC. This compound is a psychotropic compound, meaning that it is capable of affecting our consciousness and body functions to a certain extent, what we commonly call “getting high”

But here’s where CBD enters the play, as one of the many alternatives you can go for to deal with the very same problems dealt with by cannabis.

CBD, A Psychoactive-Free Alternative

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant, and it has another name: cannabidiol. This compound is what is called a cannabinoid. There are many types of cannabinoids inside of the cannabis plant’s structure, but the main ones are both CBD and THC.

However, there’s another variation of the plant known as the hemp plant. This one is well known for containing incredibly low levels of THC, and much higher levels of CBD. This is why most products derived from cannabidiol are obtained from this plant.

The thing is: cannabidiol is pretty much capable of providing the same benefits of THC without causing its psychotropic effect. In short words: it won’t get you high! If you are looking for a certified THC-free CBD oil tincture that is complete with independent lab reports, also known as a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), then look no further than

If you check this article over here, you’ll notice that CBD oil, one of the most commonly found cannabidiol products, is capable of achieving several health benefits, very similar to those provided by medicinal cannabis.

Most of the time, though, people use it for three reasons: to fight inflammatory diseases like arthritis, to relieve pain caused by injuries or physical conditions, and to fight sleeping disorders. However, cannabidiol has a really big advantage over medicinal cannabis: you can use it on pets.

Cannabidiol for Pets

Did you know that cannabis and THC are actually toxic to animals? This is why using them to help them with physical conditions like cancer, joint problems caused by senior age, arthritis, and other diseases is not possible.

However, since most cannabidiol-based products contain really low levels of THC, they are perfect for animals! A lot of pet owners have started to use it in their dogs and cats, animals that are very likely to suffer from cancer and joint problems once they reach a certain age.

You also have the option of going for CBD treats, which work incredibly when it comes to animals. Talking about treats, what are the options we have for humans?

Most Commonly Used Products

When it comes to products aimed towards humans, the most used ones are both tinctures and oils, which are both capable of achieving pretty much the same results. Edibles are also very similar since they take time to kick in but provide long-lasting effects.

Smokeable strains of CBD flowers are also a thing, and they’re possible better choices for people that suffer from a lot of pain and inflammation since they act much quicker and provide stronger effects.

Overall, you should pick an option that fits your needs and likes, but something you should always consider is the dosage you will consume at first. Always start small and increase the dosage only if you see it fit!

This is done like this due to the fact that both medicinal cannabis and cannabidiol-based products react differently on each individual, so starting with small dosages is always recommended.

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