Realme Buds Air 2 True Wireless Ear Buds: Review

 The headset is just a medium which enables the music to break up your heart with its own beauty. You are able to see many cans available in the market nonetheless, that the Realme Buds Air 2 True Wireless earbuds hold an exceptional location for their advanced level exceptional capabilities. This earbud is the best true wireless earbud under 5000.

Even the Realme Buds Air 2 True Wireless Ear Buds supports around 25 Decibel of sound cancellation. It can filter out of your outside sound, for example, aeroplanes' rumble, noise from the crowded location, and also the trains' squeal noise.

Drown yourself at the area of music or employment without being diverted.

The brand new Realme Buds Air 2 True Wireless earbuds is powered with way of a realme r-2 intelligent sound cancellation processor. This processor gives a potent operation with ultra-low energy intake that ensures a brilliant stable connection. You are certain to find yourself a fresh advanced level wireless expertise in a far better manner with this particular intelligent r-2 Processor set up.

Clear Cut Calls:

The Realme has built its Buds Air 2 True Wireless ear buds with double blades for exceptional audio pickup. These earbuds have an Environmental sound Cancellation (ENC) along with also an Environmental sound reduction algorithm, lowering ambient sounds. It's super intelligent since it enables one to listen to your calls and conventions, even in noisy environments.

As the famed DJ and singer designed the Realme Buds Air's Bass, we expect you can see right now the efforts involved with providing a far better experience for your requirements!

This Worldwide EDM Artists and Top 100 DJs are invited to generate an all new bass-boost + bass augmentation solution. It maximizes the cutting-edge 10-mm bass-boost motorist's capability to pull you closer to earbuds. If you are looking for high budget earbud then you can visit best true wireless earbud under 10000.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.2 may be the most innovative variant of this Bluetooth wireless communication standard. It reduces energy intake, stabilizes the signal, also improves battery lifetime, so prepare yourself to forget yourself on your own music.

The very low latency dual-channel blue tooth transmission is offered in this headset to concurrently transfer sound to the ears, thereby reducing preventing and lag connections that are broken.

It's possible to customize your realme Buds Air 2 True Wireless earbuds with the realme hyperlink Program.

Download the program and then install touch works to flip off or on the Active Sound Cancellation attribute. You are able to even get in the gaming style in a unitary touchscreen.

This super-stylish colour combo is likely to make the others turn their minds to study your earbuds, specially with the gem-like gloss in addition to Get prepared to show the others heads together with your own headset.

The Realme Buds Air 2  True Wireless earbuds automatically link to a phone the moment you start the charging instance. Google Quick Pair assists you prepare the bond whenever you are pairing for that very first time.

The realme has made its own Buds Air 2 True Wireless earbuds to find once you're wearing your earbuds. After you eliminate the earbuds, your preferred song will melt mechanically.

Realme, to improve an individual experience, introduced the transparency manner. After you choose one earbud off, the other earbud will automatically switch to Transparency style which means it is simple to join to your encircling without quitting in your preferred music.

It's only a long-press on both the earbuds for two minutes to change between your Active sound Cancellation and the Transparency Mode.


Realme earbuds undergoes strict testing to guarantee quality and durability. All these earbuds are IPX5 accredited saltwater earbuds. You're able to use them through your running, running; those earbuds will shield themselves out of dirt and perspiration.

The body weight of a single earbud is 4.1 g. These light weight earbuds will ease your own ears, plus they'll force you to forget that you're wearing a complex piece of technology on your mind.

Battery Life

You're able to acquire 120 minutes of play back once you control the charging instance & earbuds for only 10 minutes.

The Realme Buds Air 2 price from India is only Rs.3,299.

Get the most out of Poorvika's 2-hour fast delivery and prepare yourself to savor your music very quickly!

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