How to make your wedding planning memorable?


The time of your life has come, and you are now planning for the biggest event of your lifetime. This event that will happen only happens once in your life, and if you screw it up, you will not be able to make amends. Have you guessed what event it is?

If you were attentive to your life plans, you would guess it will be your wedding day! Yes! Weddings are the most significant event of everyone's lifetime. Whether you are planning for the best Wedding Photography Singapore vendor or choosing the best wedding singer for your wedding, you will need to be prepared for this!

There are many steps to prepare for your wedding day. It is, after all, the biggest event of your lifetime, and no one wants to screw it up! You can ask many friends for their opinions on planning for your big day, but nothing beats approaching a professional. You can get the best wedding planner in Singapore also to give you top-notch advice! 

Gold Coast wedding musicians party starters combine soul and funk with all your favourite pop tunes to bring the flavour and get everyone up and dancing.

When you select the best vendor for your wedding, do note that it is of utmost importance to go through their customer reviews! The best places to go through them are Google and Facebook reviews. Never trust reviews that are out of these two platforms. Why? Because these two platforms are the best when it comes to verifying the identities of the reviewer. You would not want to be reading reviews that vendors write, will you? 

Below, we would like to share some tips on wedding planning to ease your wedding preparation! 

Sit back, take some notes, and let's begin! 

1) Ensure there is good entertainment for your guests! 

When it comes to hosting a crowd of 200 and above, you want your attendees to be thoroughly entertained! After all, what is a wedding without entertainment, where everyone is just quietly eating?

One of the best entertainments is to engage a Wedding Live Band Singapore group of musicians. One of the best companies to hire wedding singers is a Musical Touch company, which is based in Singapore.

Do check out their google and Facebook reviews! 


2) Ensure you consult the best wedding advisors! 

It is probably your first-time planning for your wedding, and hopefully, you're last! Being so, many people are usually inexperienced in planning for their wedding. For this, you want to seek advice from someone knowledgeable in this area. It can be friends who have been through their wedding ceremonies or be professional like a wedding planner. 

Musical Touch has provided a list of the top 12 Wedding Planner Singapore advisors to aid you, where you can select your best wedding planner to seek advice from! These wedding planners are chosen based on the best client reviews, which you will feel at ease when you seek advice from them! 

Let them plan your wedding for you to ease your burden of planning everything from scratch!


3) Ensure every moment of your wedding is captured and remembered! 

Since this is your first and last time holding a wedding of your lifetime, you want to make it memorable for you and your spouse. Specific memories need to be captured on paper, and that is when you need to find a good Photographer and Videographer for your wedding celebration!

Musical Touch has put together a top Wedding Photography Singapore list to give you the best photographers in town for your wedding!  For this, you will have all your memorable memories captured at your wedding! 

The above blog that musical touch has put in place is also put together by a various selection of the best Google and Facebook reviews written by their clients. After all, you will want the best for your wedding, and you only want to read legitimate reviews!


4) Decide on the Theme of your wedding 

Whether you want it to be a high energy celebratory feel, or you want the best of the best of a sentimental feeling, you need to decide on this! 

This will be in place when you are selecting your vendors. An example of this is when you are selecting your wedding florists. Different florists have different themes that they usually specialize in, which will do you a big favour if you decide on your Theme early in your preparations! 

Some of the weddings we did include themes like Shanghai Night, where people are dressed in a cheongsam and the old Chinaman style. Some of the other tpiecesinclude those of a beachwear theme where people wear beachwear to their weddings!

The above are some of the not so common themes that people can try to spice up their wedding lunch or dinner! 

5) Ensure both of you are agreeable to every planning of the wedding! 

Your wedding is a two people affair, and you want your other half also to feel that they are happy with all the planning. Ensure that you both agree to all the planning of it, which goes from top to bottom. 

From planning the Theme of your wedding to deciding on your vendors, and your hotel venue, you want to ensure that you both agree to everything! 

After all, you do not want your spouse to be unhappy when he or she is planning together with you, and celebrating this once a lifetime event that everyone wants to have done best, do you? 

Discuss and ensure you both are agreeable to everything!

6) Budget! 

As the saying goes – there are unlimited wants but limited resources. You can have the best and most glamourous wedding ever of your lifetime, or even of the century. But the big question is – how much can you afford? 

Our best advice to you is to spend within your means. 

A wedding is supposed to be a joyous occasion. You do not want to overstretch your budget and end up in heavy debt, spending years to clear it, don't you? 

Spend within your means for your wedding day. After all, you don't need a wedding that is so glamourous to have the best wedding experience ever! 


Nobody wants to screw up their wedding, and that is why you came to read this article!

We certainly hope that this article has helped you in some way to make your wedding planning more enjoyable.

If you are looking for a wedding live band for your wedding, ensure that you engage this company called Musical Touch. They are based in Singapore and have a whole stable of professional wedding singers and emcees for your big day!

Do remember also to check out their google and Facebook reviews, where you can make your accurate judgement on whether you should be engaging them! 

Do enjoy the planning of your big day. We hope this has helped you in some way or another. Remember that the planning process is supposed to be enjoyable and not something that causes massive headaches!

Planning for your wedding is supposed to be the best experience of your lifetime. Do check out the links that we have linked above, and you can make the best wedding planning that you can experience ever in your lifetime!

Take care and happy planning!

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