Are Persian cats smart?

Are Persian cats smart?

It is clear that due to the beautiful fur coat everyone just loves Persian cats! But who knew, Persian cats are actually very smart, or are they? well, let's find out whether Persian cats are actually smart or is it just made up by people who like Persian cats. 

Persian cats can not be considered as overly smart but they definitely make a great partner. Get yourself at the lowest Persian cat price from Mummy Cat. They are quite known more for their goofy smile, gentle behavior, and even their capability to adjust to changing environmental conditions. 

What is intelligence in a cat considered as?

When talking about human intelligence it is calculated with a measurable quantity named IQ or Intelligence quotient. Well, when it comes to cat’s intelligence is not measured with a value but it is judged more based on its ability to solve an issue or problem and the way they make changes in order to survive in a changing environment. This intelligence of cats can also include the way they bring about changes in their behavior with the additional skills that they learn. 

One of the interesting facts, however, is that Persian cats have a brain that is only about 2 inches and despite this small size it is seen that the cat’s brain very much resembles to that of a human. Apart from this, it is also found by researchers that a cat’s memory is too good and can remember stuff up until 10 years (S. M. Kosslyn, 1999).Well, now that beats us at a high level. 

Ways to check if your cat is smart enough:

1. Recognizing Reality: 

You can check out whether your Persian cat is smart or not by playing a video consisting of mice or birds and check how they react. This helps in their understanding of real situations and simulations.

2. Logical understanding:

Try throwing a rocket in the air and hide it behind your back. Check whether your cat runs behind the rocket or thinks you were bluffing it. 

3. Responding to your calls:

Whether your cat understands that you are calling him or her and whether they respond to it timely. 

These are some of the common ways to check whether your cat is actually smart or not. However, there are no scientific pieces of evidence behind these ways and hence is entirely up to your level of understanding. 

Why do some people think your Persian cat is dumb?

There are mainly two big reasons why Persian cats are considered to be dumb by some of the people and they are:

1. Appearance of a Persian cat:

The appearance of a Persian cat just doesn’t look so clever and hence a lot of people think that Persian cats are not so smart. Mostly because people judge a cat’s intelligence based on how the cat seems on the external. 

2. The actions of a Persian cat:

They sometimes just do stuff that is quite stupid just like rolling around senselessly and sometimes trying to jump towards TV each time you put on a channel with birds flying!

Kind of really harsh to judge a cat just based on its appearance but we can’t really do much. This does not mean that a Persian cat is stupid. they are just different and well, as long as you have a cute cat and some dumb things that your cat does around you, it is quite hard to get angry at them especially when it makes even in the hardest of times. So why not buy a Persian cat for sale from Mummy Cat and get some amazing time with your new cat. 

Is it possible to improve your Persian cat’s intelligence?

Now, this is a question that most people tend to have and there are definitely ways to improve your Persian cat’s intelligence! One of them being, interaction. Interaction with your cat will let them learn new things apart from increasing their intelligence level. 

Apart from interacting with your cat, you must also ensure that the food that you provide is healthy for your cat. You can also provide training for a variety of tricks for them to increase their intelligence level. 

Final words:

In the end, it is the happy relationship between the cat and its master that matters! You might also want to take out time to give regular exercise to your Persian cat in order to keep them healthy! 

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