How Do I Know if My Back Pain Is Serious?


It is pretty common for youngsters to experience back pain as they sit in front of the PC for a long time. Whether it's work, social media, or gaming, the effect on the back muscles is intense. Back pain in people around in their 20s and 30s is normal and not a concern, but it can be the beginning of many things when that happens to people in the 40 plus age.

Sometimes the pain could be a sign of arthritis, especially for people who work in the IT and engineering sectors, i.e., in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, etc. And if you are 40 plus and have frequent back pains, It is better to visit the best orthopaedics hospital in bangalore Mumbai, Delhi, or wherever you are.

Approximately 80 percent of adults will experience back pain in their lives; hence, it becomes essential to identify the root of the symptoms and track the duration of the pain.

Five kinds of sensations may indicate a medical emergency:

  1. A sharp pain rather than a dull ache

This may be a sign of torn muscle or ligament or a problem with an internal organ near the back or side. Sudden pain may not be a serious one, but you should look for its frequency of happening.

  1. Pain radiating

This type of pain moves/shoots to the glutes or legs. It indicates a nerve compression condition. It is a severe condition that occurs in many people.

  1. Sudden weakness in legs

Experiencing weakness in the legs can be caused by compressed nerves in the spine. It is due to a condition called sciatica or spinal stenosis. It may also be an indication of a stroke.

  1. Incontinence

The pain in your lower back is paired with an inability to control the bowels or meningitis, or discitis. This is a severe condition, and treatment is suggested ASAP.

  1. Pins and needles or numbness in the groin area or glutes

Also known as saddle anesthesia, which is a sign of a severe nerve or spine condition.

Also, if you have weakness in your leg, incontinence, and numbness, you might have cauda equina syndrome, a severe illness characterized by spinal cord nerve damage.

You must visit the best orthopaedics hospital in bangalore or the city you are in if you detect any of these signs. If not treated well, it could lead to severe complications. Hence, early treatment is best for these kinds of conditions.

Other conditions that may cause back pain are:

  • Degenerative disc disease causes spine pain and lumbar arthritis, usually happening in the lower back. It commonly develops with age and is considered a wear and tear condition.

  • Sacroiliitis: It is the inflammation of the joints that connect your spine and pelvis. This condition causes severe pain in the lower back, glutes, and upper legs.

  • Ankylosing spondylitis: It is also inflammatory arthritis that causes the person's spines to become inflexible, resulting in continual hunched forward position and spine pain.

  • Kyphosis: It is a spine curving condition resulting in back pain and weakness in the lower extremities.

In any of the cases mentioned above, one needs to consult a doctor ASAP, leading to dangerous conditions. The statement "precaution is better than cure" sits here very well.

Early treatment is better than any treatment after the condition has worsened; hence, find the nearest orthopedic and make an appointment with them.

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