Get To Know The Reasons To Learn AWS In 2021


The AWS (Amazon Web Services), which requires AWS training, has seen a manifold increase in demand in the past decade. It is a cloud service various companies always need for the convenience it has brought to them to have easy and affordable access to resources and applications. 

A company now does not require a change in any internal hardware system to design its work mode. It can simply use AWS services like AWS cloud to accomplish its goals.

Why Should You Go for AWS Training? 

Billions of dollars are being spent by many companies and industries for the cloud computing services like AWS. Therefore, anyone with AWS training and certification will naturally be in high demand in the IT (Information Technology) industry. AWS and cloud services have become the hottest buzz of the time. So why don't you learn aws for free with Simplilearn.

You should inarguably learn aws cloud architect and be an AWS associate if you want to have a solid profile in the IT industry. Gaining access to training facilities is not beyond your reach or even difficult for that matter. It is achievable by all means. 

Koenig Solutions offers training in AWS and all its services. The other reasons are why training in AWS is so necessary are given below.


  1.  A Six-Figure Salary

Yes, you heard it right. According to, AWS skills can give you a very high pay like a lump sum six-figure wage because of the massively high demand and minimal supply of the skill set. It is an exceptionally hot-selling service in the IT industry. 

2.   Credibility

It renders credibility and expertise to the professional with AWS training. It improves your chances of getting an excellent job with timely appraisals and promotions because no one wants to let go of an expert in cloud computing services. 

3. Leverage

You will have sway over others, including your employer if you possess the AWS certification training. It is because your employer will know that if he wants to build his business successfully, he requires your improved skill set in cloud services like AWS.  

4.  Shifting Trend

The trend in the IT industry is moving from the traditional IT infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure. This shifting trend requires an IT professional to acquire cloud-based knowledge and prowess to rise and survive in the IT industry in 2021. 

5   A Variety Of Training Courses

AWS provides several training services based on your previous knowledge and potential to acquire the training, right from the beginners level to the level of expertise. They are:

  • Cloud Practitioner
  • Architect Associate
  • Developer Associate
  • SysOps Administrator Associate
  • Architect Professional
  • Engineer Professional
  • Big Data Speciality
  • Advanced Networking Speciality
  • Security Speciality

         6.  The Fastest Growing

It would help if you chose AWS and not any other cloud computing service because, according to statistics, AWS is the fastest growing cloud service on the public platform. It holds the highest market share in such services. AWS is, indisputably, the future. 

  7. Services Offered

AWS is a highly developed system that caters to various services. The services include:

  • Networking
  • Mobile Development 
  • Tools and Applications 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Data Management 
  • Analytics 
  • Security and Governance 
  • Databases 
  • Storage 
  • Compute 
  • Messages and Notifications 

    8. Certification Benefits

If you are AWS certified, it helps you access the Subject-Matter Expert Programme (SME). SME enables you to gain insight into the AWS services and enrich your resume further. 

Moreover, the certification also lets you be a part of the AWS community. You get invited to various regional events and also appear for free practice exams to obtain more certificates. 


Multiple AWS certification programmes are available via online platforms, books and manuals, several resources, forums, communities, and practice exams. But it is crucial to understand that the most authentic and best quality training can be provided only by personal training. 

Koenig Solutions helps you gain AWS training and certification to prepare for job profiles like AWS Cloud Architect, etc. It provides other high-in-demand skill sets with a one-on-one training facility. You can learn on the date and time that fits your schedule and suits you best. Internation instructors and IT experts guide you to upskill yourself for the exam and get certified successfully.

If you’re aspiring to learn AWS and explore its world, it’s best to enrol yourself at Koenig Solutions today and start your learning path.



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