8 tips for beautiful eyes without dark circles


The look is the reflection of your personality so sublimate it by taking care of your eyes!

The look is the first thing we see in a person. It says a lot about your mood and state of mind. The eyes are also a significant seductive asset. So to see a look and perfect eyes, here are all our tips!

1. Make puffiness and dark circles disappear!

While makeup can help you enhance your look, it can't actually hide the bags and dark circles that appear under your eyes. Too present, we no longer see them and your eyes go unnoticed! You will find in the cosmetics department many products to make them disappear. But, the best is to avoid their appearance by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The abuse of alcohol and cigarettes leads to the appearance of bluish circles, so they should be avoided! Then, give yourself eight hours of sleep every night, the more rest you will be, the less dark circles you will have!

2. The cucumber!

Got a cucumber lying around in the fridge? Well, you probably intended to eat it but keep a few slices for your eyes! So cut a few slices of fresh cucumber and place them on your eyes, eyelids closed of course. Leave on for 15 minutes and say goodbye to puffiness and dark circles. You will find beautiful eyes in just a few minutes!

3 Ice Cubes

If you don't have a cucumber in the fridge, maybe you have some ice cubes in the freezer? They have the same effect as cucumber. The ice cubes placed on your eyelids will significantly reduce the size of your dark circles in a few minutes of application. As it is very cold, do not put them directly on your eyelids, put them in a towel beforehand.

4. Chamomile tea

When sleep deprivation is felt, your eyes sometimes become puffy. To remedy this, you can use chamomile tea bags. Two solutions are available to you: either you make yourself a tea by having taken care to leave the tea bags one night in the fridge beforehand and you drink it, or you place the tea bags directly on your eyelids when they come out of the fridge. and you wait a quarter of an hour before removing them. Your eyes will deflate.

5. The lifting gel

If you are not too fond of grandma's recipes, you can always go and buy a lifting gel. Its effect is immediate to reduce your dark circles and your bags. This type of gel is also effective in helping you fight against aging of the skin around the eyes. A single product for a double effect!

6. Bring out the whiteness of eyes

In some people fatigue is noticeable in the color of the eyes, they turn red. To reduce the redness of your eyes, draw a line of blue makeup pencil in your lower eyelid, it will fade the red in your eyes. Moreover, if you want to enlarge your eyes, the pencil line must be white and located inside your eye. Another solution: honey. A drop of honey in your eye makes it whiter. A whiter gaze is a piercing gaze!

7. The concealer

Concealer is a very effective way to erase dark circles when they are well established. But be careful to choose the right color. The concealer should be of a complementary color to that of the dark circles. Thus, for brown circles, take a peach concealer, if your circles are purple, choose a yellow product. And, if your dark circles are blue then the concealer should be orange.

8. Make-up

Make-up helps hide dark circles when they are not too pronounced but above all it is the unstoppable way to give you a beautiful look. Eye shadow should match your skin tone and eye color. You can use eyeliner to make eyes look beautiful. Red Eyeliner looks are really beautiful and make you look gorgeous. Don't put on too much or you'll have a hard look. Mascara allows you to lengthen your eyelashes to perfect your look. A neat makeup not too marked magnifies your eyes very easily.

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