8 Things B&Bs Guests Want


Here is what you’re potential B2Bs guests are thinking…

They have a picture in their head. The key for you, the B2B owner, is to form sure you meet and exceed the image in your customer’s heads. during this article, we glance at 10 things B2B guests are trying to find when it involves having their most enjoyable vacation in years.

1: Online Reviews

One of the foremost important things guests do before choosing the proper B&B is check the web reviews. (tweetthis). They consult Google, Facebook, Yelp and Trip Advisor. These are popular places to seek out bed and breakfast reviews. you'll usually trust what you discover, but take care. If you see 50 positive reviews and one or two negative ones, they could be fake or from people that are hard to please. check outreviews’customers are leaving you. See if there's room for improvement. Leave signage around your B2B letting guests know where they will leave reviews.

2: Breakfast

Breakfast is an integral a part of a B&B stay. Guests want to form sure breakfast is delicious, filling and wonderful. After all, breakfast is half the rationale they're choosing this sort of lodging. Every B&B owner has their own breakfast style. One might offer French cuisine while another offers home-style cooking like biscuits and gravy. inspect the breakfast and confirm it’s acceptable for guests. Some guests may have food allergies or special needs like gluten-free so they’ll ask if the B2B will cater to food specifications and personalize their menu.


3: Theme

Bed and breakfasts usually have a topic. The quintessential B&B is an old Victorian mansion crammed with gorgeous, but uncomfortable antiques and an austere air. for several people this is often very charming, but it's going to not be for everybody. B&Bs have come an extended way. You’re bound to find numerous different styles. Choose one. Embrace it. specialize in the guests that want your theme. most of the people can find a bed and breakfast that intrigues them and makes them feel right reception.


4: Bathrooms

It's difficult to accept, however there are still quaint little inns that have mutual restrooms. Some might all be organized this manner, while others may need several rooms with their own baths, but several others that share bathrooms. In another instance, you would possibly have a personal bath, but it’s located outside your room. Avoid any discomfort and be upfront together with your guests on the toilet situation. You without a doubt need to clear this up if visitors are the private-shower kind.


5: Surrounding Area.

Before choosing a bed and breakfast, guests consider the encompassing area. is that the B&B located during a safe a part of town? Is it inside strolling distance of attractions, shopping and feasting? they could ask if the B&B is during a quiet location or the middle of the town. Perhaps they’re trying to find the city-vibe, or even they need a peaceful, restful stay. If they have transportation, is it easy to urge on the bus or train? Is Uber available?


6: They’ll Ask Questions

Potential guests often make an inventory of all the questions they need. Staying during a B&B may be a more intimate experience than staying during a hotel, and to possess the simplest time, they need to form sure they know everything up front.

Here a few plans to ask you began:

Is it smoke-free, pet-free or children-free?

Do you have Wi-Fi or cable television?

Can I print from my computer if needed?

Is it quiet?

Do you offer mid-day refreshments or dinner?


7: Booking Procedure

Bed and breakfasts don’t have tons of rooms, in order that they are often booked, especially during the busy season. make certain to assist your guests know once they should book your B&B. Maybe it’s a minimum of 45-60 days out. this might mean the difference to getting an area or being denied. it'd also mean that they will get the primary choice of room.Don’t forget to ask about cancellation policies. Be upfront with any and every one the fine print.


8: Pets

Do guests got to bring pets? They most certainly want to seek out if the B&B is pet-friendly. This may mean the contrast between them departing an extended get-away or remaining at home. On the flip side, if they don’t like animals or are allergic to them, they’ll want to seek out if they’re allowed. They'll likewise need to inquire as to whether the owners have their own textured companions. albeit you don’t allow guests to bring pets, the residents animals might bother them if they’re allergic.


Final Thoughts

Now that you simply know a touch more about how guests choose the proper B&B you’re better prepared to plug to your audience and skills to treat them once they arrive. Know who you're and what you've got to supply. Know your audience and help them realize that your B&B is that the best choice for them!

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