5 Ways to Boost Baby’s Immune System


Children's health is the most concerning for parents particularly when they are joining a new place. Be it the first day of their school or you are dropping them at the daycare centre, their health keeps bothering you.

How can you prevent children from getting sick?

The problem becomes severe when our child has recurrent flu and constant cold. Children's health conditions keep fluctuating and many factors can play their role. One of them is the child’s immunity against disease-causing pathogens.

Why is the immune system important?

The immune system is the body’s natural defence against the invading bacteria, viruses and bugs that attack the body. An efficient immune system keeps the infection at bay and can ensure good children health.

My cousin’s son had the problem that he constantly developed a severe gastrointestinal infection and they visited many child specialists of Islamabad. The child was suspected to have a genetic disorder but later it was found that the child had a suppressed immune system. Doctors then treated the child and he became better within a few months following the treatment.

Ways to boost kid’s immune system

Even though the strength of the immune system is primarily determined by genes, there are many other ways to boost the immunity of a child. Here are some ways that can boost your kid’s immune system.

1- Avoiding unnecessary usage of antibiotic

Antibiotic resistance is a common problem that is worsening the health situation and resulting in microbial resistance. Everyday germs are becoming stronger after the uncontrolled usage of antibiotics against them and child health is no exception to this. Children's immune systems weaken because the antibiotics given to them kill both harmful and beneficial microbes, so avoiding excess usage of antibiotics is a good way to strengthen your child’s immune system.

2- Give them nutrients, naturally

Adequate nutrition is the key to the good health of children and many of the important nutrients can be taken from the food we eat. However, it is seen that children are not likely to eat natural foods and many of them are picky eaters.

Try to incorporate essential food nutrients in their diet and that too from natural sources rather than relying on supplements. Some of the ways that can help you to incorporate more nutrients in your child’s diet are;

  • Add more variety to their plate and keep on adding the new nutrient sources to their meals.

  • Ensure kid’s involvement in the food-making process.

  • Condition their eating with the rewards like desserts.

  • Be a role model for your child and practice eating everything kept in front of you.

  • Try cooking variations to improve the taste.

  • Rather than forcing your child, encourage them to eat.

3- Keep their microbiota healthy

The microbiome of the body is the microorganisms that are harmless and naturally present in our body. Gut microbiota is important for our digestive health and helps to protect us from various bacteria and viruses. Keeping your child’s microbiota healthy can prevent them from many health issues and for this, you can rely on natural probiotics to support the children gut health that is crucial for their immune system.

4- Keep a check on their sleep schedule

One of the best ways to boost your child’s immune system is by working on their sleep requirements. Depending upon their age, children's sleep requirement varies and is directly linked to their immune health. Not only sleep timing, but quality sleep is also crucial for the proper working and healing of the body. Make sure when your children are sleeping they are away from the blue light or night light.

5- Ensure good hygienic practices

One of the main reasons that children fell ill is the poor hygienic practices. Germs that could make your children sick are present everywhere and can attack them as soon as they find a chance. 

According to a renowned physician from Child Specialist Hospital Islamabad, bad hygiene practices are the most common yet preventable way of children infection. Develop a habit of taking shower, washing hands before eating and wearing a mask when they are in close contact in public.

Bottom Line!

 A children immune system is crucial for their overall health and determines their overall health. Several practices can improve the immune system of your child. However, if your baby has recurrent infections and falls sick often, it is recommended to immediately go to a paediatrician for a proper checkup.


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