5 top Trending Designs in Candle Box Packaging

There are many things that enhance the persona of the candles better than the candle box packaging. It is pretty important to understand how these packages work for the benefit of the businesses. Cardboard is the top priority of manufacturers for these packages. But some of them also prefer Kraft paper for this purpose. You can see different kinds of customizations to enhance them in different ways. That allows the brands to make them in different designs and styles. But what are the top trending designs of these boxes? We will show you the top 5 most popular ones in this manner to help you understand them better.


Shoulder package

This type of candle box is pretty alluring when we talk about candles. There are many reasons behind this thing. It is a pretty important and stylish packaging that many brands love to have. The main parts are three. The base is a great part that holds the second part, which is a tray. Then comes the top part, which is the lid. This is a removable lid that they have. There is a sleek line between the base and the lid. This thing gives a premium look to the packaging. Forms can also use different kinds of customizations to make them more appealing. You will know that they are manufactured with rigid cardboard stock. This stock is the most suitable for them.

Their color scheme is altered according to the product type. That means candles are amazing to package in them as their theme can be personalized. They are also amazing for protection purposes. It is due to their thick materials. This design is trending due to various reasons. That is the reason it is here on our list.


3D window box

It is not a specific type of candle box packaging. Different packaging types can become this one just by adding the window. It is a 3D window that provides an amazing look to the packaging. But what is the technology that is used to manufacture them? It is the die-cut technology that helps the manufacturers make them pretty alluring. Using special illustrations to make them more appealing is amazing. But it is the window that helps improve their aesthetics. What is a 3D window? It is the window that covers more than one side of the packaging. Businesses can also make them on three sides. 

This kind of window can help boost the presentation of the candle inside. Not just the shape of the window is customizable, but it is also easy to make different designs inside them. Brands can easily utilize them for showcasing these kinds of items that are associated with aesthetics. That is the reason it is a great style to use for these kinds of products.


Pyramidal packaging

When we talk about the special shape of the packaging that can help boost the persona of the products, it is among the best ones. Buying candle boxes wholesale allows the brands to get special shape packages. This packaging is also manufactured with cardboard or corrugated materials most of the time. But brands prefer cardboard as it is a pretty important one. Businesses can easily utilize this pyramidal shape for packaging these important items. Using special illustrations on them can help enhance their appeal. Brands also utilize many kinds of inserts to present the product in amazing style. 

They may have a foldable lid at the top. But many of them come with a lid on one side of the pyramid. This pyramidal shape may have three or four sides. That makes it a pretty amazing box type that helps present the product in a personalized manner. Special graphics are also the reason why they are impressive. This thing helps us understand why this package is here on our list.


Slipcase package

Sleeve packages are among the top trending designs that you can use for these items. It is an exceptional thing that these packages are great due to the special style. They have a case on the box. This case is pretty alluring and easy to design in different shapes. Die-cut technology is impressive in many ways. Using different kinds of customizations is easy as well. Brands can also use different shapes of these packages. Companies can easily personalize them according to their products. It is impressive that they have an alluring style among many others. That is the reason why they are trending these days. 


Gift packaging

This is not a special kind of candle packaging. Different types of packages can become these packages. It is the main edge of these boxes over the others. There are certain things in this regard that businesses should do to choose them. The use of glittering effects is beneficial. Ribbons are also amazing that can turn any ordinary package into a gift box. These packages are great for enhancing the product perception among the customers. It is a great cause why these packages are great to package these special items. 




The importance of candle box packaging is huge these days. Many businesses are buying them due to the growing demand. That is why many kinds of designs are available in these boxes. These were some important and trending designs of these boxes that companies can use for this purpose.

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