Reason behind the growing popularity of Vivo smartphones


Vivo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has overtaken Samsung to emerge out as the second biggest mobile phone brand in India. From a 6% market share in FY17 to 18.8% market share in 2018, Vivo has managed to capture the market rapidly.

According to sources, Vivo will surpass many smartphone manufacturers in 2021. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, innovative marketing, and overwhelming customer response, Vivo is now a market leader. Their success journey is currently being discussed and analyzed by many corporate leaders across the globe.

Now, how did this smartphone brand manage to ride up the success chart so quickly? Not only their higher-ranged phones are making a mark in the market, but the 4GB RAM Vivo mobile under 10000 has become very popular.

        Diversified product portfolio – The product portfolio of Vivo is diversified. It is not restricted to Vivo mobile under 10000. It has smartphones in different price categories. This kind of flexibility is unavailable with most of the renowned brands. Hence, many customers have opted for Vivo phones.

        High configuration – Be it a lower-priced smartphone or a higher one, every Vivo handset comes with a good configuration. Such great features at an unbeatable price have helped them to overcome a significant level of market competition. From a 13MP Rear camera to a 4000mAh battery, one can avail all in the lower segment Vivo phones.

        Sleek design – The Vivo phones match every other smartphone in terms of design and quality. They also come in beautiful colors. Will you miss out on the opportunity to use a smart, attractive, high-tech, and affordable handset? No, the answer is obvious. Vivo has successfully mapped the consumer preference pattern in the Indian market. Their smartphones have sold millions of devices in the last three years.

        Customer Engagement – Customer engagement plays a role in making a brand. This trend has developed in the last five years. Vivo has taken this very seriously. They have not only banked on social media promotion but have also actively informed their customers about their activities. This is what marked the sensational growth of this brand. They actively advertise their products on the web, which has received a steady response from the customers.

        Customer Service – Vivo phones have an excellent market reputation in terms of customer service. Any post-sale service request is met courteously by the service centers. Many mobile manufacturing companies have fared poorly in the segment of after-sales service. Customer service makes a big difference to how brands fare during stiff competition. There are smartphone makers who offer better handsets but do not meet customer expectations.


Vivo offers some of the best 4GB RAM smartphones in the market. In India, there are a large number of Vivo mobile under 10000. These phones have an exemplary configuration and offer good performance. The high-end Vivo phones are also top-rated in the market. 

It has launched many high-end handsets in the market, which has received a warm response from the customers. Many Indians use expensive Vivo phones with unique features and functionality.

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