How to write resume for software engineer


How to write a winning resume for a software engineer?


Hey there! There was once a time to visit companies and go door to door to get jobs. Now, the process is much simpler, at least that's how it seems. All you need to do is send your resume to the companies where you wish to work.


But, curating a perfect resume is not that easy how it seems. Here, you will understand how to make a resume for a software engineer.


With digitalization, there is a great demand for software engineers. But to get your employer to hire you is a task. You won't get a job the moment you have a degree in your hand. To get that job, you need a perfect resume.



What is ATS & How to make your resume ATS-friendly?

 The companies these days are using ATS, Applicant Tracking System, for hiring candidates. This system scans and scrutinizes each resume to find the one which is perfect for the job recruitments. Only then shall they reach the hands of a recruiter. 

To beat the ATS, all you need to do is to utilize the right keywords and place them correctly within your resume. It also depends on other factors like resume format, font colour & sizes, graphics used, etc. 

However, If you are finding difficulty in writing an ATS-friendly resume for engineering jobs, then no need to worry as we are here to help you out. 

You can also get it written by resume writing professionals  by Writrox having experience of more than seven years in this industry which will increase your chances of upto 40% of getting hired and getting called for an interview.



What is an ideal format for a software engineering resume?

 To draft the best software engineer resume, here is the format that you should follow. Following a proper form shall help you get your resume through the ATS. It is also appealing for your recruiter to go through.


     The Highlights of your resume: 

Within this section, essentially highlight the main points of your resume. It should be brief and concise. 

It may include your highest degree, passing year, and percentage. For example - "Passes Masters in Computer Science in 2020, from Nirma University with 82%". 

You can also mention your most significant accomplishments. For example, "Worked as a Software Engineer in Everyday Computers for three years'' or "Awarded for the best computer application with HTML in my final year."


     Who are you, apart from your degree? 

This section represents your leadership qualities, hard-working ability, creative insights that you may have, etc. It must include a few qualities that your recruiter might be looking for in an employee. You can research this. In most cases, the companies' advert lists the qualities they are hunting in their employee. 

For instance, you can write, "I am a hardworking person, and I believe in quality content work while keeping in mind the time frame. I am a fun-loving person and love working amongst people. I can call myself goal-oriented and a team player. Hiring me shall prove an asset to your company as I brighten up everyone's mindset and set a positive attitude.


     Add your Contact Information- 

This is a significant section, which you must not miss. Add your email and phone number here.


     Employment History- 

If you have any previous work experience, add it to this section. Be very specific with your job roles and positions. For example, "Worked at Everyday Computers" is not the way to pen it down. 

Instead, you must write, "Worked as a junior Software Engineer at Everyday Computers." Mention about your job roles and what your work here was. If you have a long employment history, write it in reverse chronological order. Give more importance to the most recent one.



Within this section, mention your education, starting with your highest degree first. It is ideal for drafting this section in a tabular format. Things that you must include in this section are - the name of the degree, name of the school/college/university, passing year, and passing percentage.


     Personal Projects- 

If you have worked on any personal projects, or if you have taken up any internships, this is the section where you can mention it.


     Additional Certificates- 

It is always good to have a few extra certificates in hand. While being a software engineer, there are several areas where you can gain your expertise. Add credentials relevant to your course in this section.



Things to consider while writing resume for engineering profile [Bonus Tips]: 

      Edit your resume after doing some research on the company. Companies might be looking out for specific skills from their employees, which they might have added in their advert.


      Follow a proper format and structure in your resume.


      Understand what is essential and elaborate on what is necessary. You must utilize your space wisely.


      Make use of keywords and topics that you have a good hold of. For instance, Codding, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UX, etc.


      Mention why hiring you rather than the other applicants will be a good idea.


Common Mistakes which you should avoid:- 

      Avoid adding too many graphics to your resume, as it can reduce the chances of your resume clearing the Applicant tracking system.


      Whenever you add colours to your resume, avoid adding very bold colours as it may decrease the readability.


      Avoid adding your passing percentage if you have scored very low.

It may lead to a bad impression (academically) in front of the recruiter.


      Avoid using many different fonts and styles in your resume, as it will make your resume look unprofessional.



Four reasons how a good resume can affect your career 

The resume serves as a connection between you and the potential employer. As a result, the value of a resume can never be overlooked. It is entirely up to you if the hiring manager would remember you. 

Due to the time crunch, businesses function with resumes from candidates to choose the most suitable candidate. Here is why your resume needs to be perfect for the next jobs or the Internships you are applying for.


1.    To get selected for an interview: The primary aim of the resume is to land an interview. Hence, write a resume that is precise to the job profile and appealing for further discussion.


2.    Your resume defines who you are: A CV/resume says a lot about who you are as a professional. It explains what you've done previously. What are you doing right now, and where are you going? It is your story. Make sure it is crisp and to the point.


3.    It markets your skills: A well-written resume will help you sell the skills you've acquired over the years. You will tell the recruiter about all of the skills you've learned through various jobs and how you intend to use them to benefit the prospective company. This is just what today's recruiters need to hear.


4.    Builds your Brand: In today's professional world, it's critical to establish your brand, and this journey begins after you graduate from college and complete your studies. When you first start working in a professional environment. Over time, your resume is the first look at the brand you build for yourself, which is an essential deciding factor.


A piece of paper that impacts your job cycle is what a resume is. It is advisable to give a dedicated amount of time for resume building and presenting as it affects the process tremendously.



So here is all you need to know to write a perfect section-oriented & ATS-friendly resume for a software engineering profile. If you are stuck anywhere and need professional help with your resume, you can always reach out to Writrox, India's leading Best resume writing service  in Bangalore. 

So what are you waiting for?  and book a call with resume writing professionals right away.


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