What makes Flutter such a powerful and preferred SDK?

They were the days of yore when businesses with whopping budgets were the only ones who chose to develop both website and mobile apps. With the rapidly changing market and booming competition, it is imperative for all-level enterprises and startups to stand a leg in the competitive market with a robust mobile app for their business.

With around 2.56 Million apps available on Google Play Store and 1.85 Million Apps on Apple’s App Store, it is evident that mobile apps play a huge role in our day-to-day life. This calls for developing apps that work on multiple mobile operating systems. Here’s where cross-platform app development comes into the picture, and talking about cross-platform app development, the first technology that comes to mind is none other than Flutter. Flutter was released in 2017 to make cross-platform app development easier, and it has come a long way since then.

Google says that more than half a million developers now use Flutter as their preferred SDK for developing apps every month. But why is Flutter amongst the most loved SDK for developers and enterprises? Let’s find out.

Why Choose Flutter?

Flutter, React Native, Flutter and Xamarin are remarkably changing the landscape for cross-platform apps. There are too many options to choose from, and it leads to a complex decision-making process. But even after such varied options, let’s take a look at what Flutter offers to the developers and businesses alike.

Faster Development

Well, the Flutter Website states, ‘Build native apps in record time.’ App Development is indeed a time-consuming process, but Flutter makes it faster with ready-to-use, highly customizable widgets that take little effort to be molded into your brand, hence creating beautifully personal apps with reduced development time.
Flutter’s Stateful Hot Reload stands out from the crowd and allows developers to easily experiment with the UI, add features, and debug apps in real-time. True to its promise, you can build beautiful apps in record time using Flutter.

One Code, All Platforms

If you have an online business, and your customers use both Android and iOS, then you would need to roll out apps for both platforms, evidently. Which would be the better choice - hiring two teams of developers, each for Android and iOS, or having a team that builds a single app that works flawlessly on all platforms? Of course, the latter is the finer choice. With Flutter, you can maintain a single codebase that works fine with both iOS and Android.

Expressive and Flexible UI

No matter how beautiful your app looks, speed and accuracy cannot be overlooked. Your app needs to be fast and intuitive. Hence, to give your apps speed and accuracy, everything in Flutter is a widget. Whether it is the screen, dashboard, button, or app-specific functionality, everything comes as a widget that you can customize according to your needs.

Flutter has an extensive catalog of fantastic widgets, including scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts. Rest assured, you will have a hassle-free app development journey with Flutter.

Native Performance

One might argue that no matter how feature-rich your app is - it is not native, so it will give a subpar performance as compared to Native Apps. To them, we would say that technology has come farther than you’d imagine. Google has designed Flutter in a way to give your app a native performance on all platforms, and to achieve this feat, Flutter code is compiled into ARM Machine Code which can be installed in phones just like Native Apps. So, say hello to high-performing apps with Flutter!

Large Community

Within four years of its release, Flutter has over two million developers using it, and it is growing at a rate of 10% every month. Flutter has a wide and vibrant community, and it is among the top Github communities that offer active support to all your needs. You just need to ask, and help will be readily available in the Flutter Community.

Who is using Flutter?

The list of apps that use Flutter is long. There are around 100,000 Flutter-based apps on the Google Play Store alone - with some big names who religiously use Flutter for their development. Stadia, Google’s upcoming game streaming service for almost any device, is being built using Flutter. The Google Ads app is running seamlessly on Flutter since its inception. One of the world’s biggest e-commerce company Alibaba uses Flutter for its app. Other renowned brands such as Groupon, Capital One, Dream11, eBay, and BMW - all use Flutter. Flutter truly has become the favorite SDK for developers all around the world.

With masses of companies launching annually, making your brand stand out in the industry is one of the pressing concerns for businesses. If you want to launch an app without searing a hole in your pocket, it is worth considering Flutter as cross-platform app development that helps you develop apps for multiple platforms with one code.

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