Alternative Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Alternative Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is also called impotence and it is the inability of erection in men. The incidence of erectile dysfunction is more in older men and increases with age but it is also found in young men.

Risk factors for erectile dysfunction:

-Non-modifiable risk factor:

Age is a non-modifiable risk factor for erectile dysfunction but there could be other modifiable risk factors as well.

-Modifiable risk factors:

There are various causes of erectile dysfunction,

Physical causes:

    1. Obesity

    2. Hypertension

    3. Sedentary lifestyle

Psychological factors:

    1. Anxiety

    2. Depression

    3. Financial burden

    4. Social burdens. 

Systemic diseases:

    1. Congestive heart diseases,

    2. Chronic kidney diseases

    3. Diabetes mellitus

    4. Hormonal problems


 Erectile dysfunction could also attribute to the side effects of some medications,

    1. Beta-blockers

    2. Analgesics

    3. Chemotherapy, or radiotherapy for cancers. 

Treatment for erectile dysfunction:

Management is based on addressing the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction, after which it becomes easy to treat the condition.

The treatment for erectile dysfunction is focused on improving the blood supply to the genitals because a normal erection occurs when the smooth muscles in the penis relax to open the cavernosal sinuses simultaneously with vasodilation or arteries to fill the sinuses with oxygenated blood. 

    • Medicines: The medicines used for this purpose belong to a class of drugs called Phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. These include Tadarise 40mg commonly known as Kamagra oral jelly which is available online on our website. Click here if you want to buy Tadarise 40mg online. 

    • Counseling: Counseling plays an important role in psychogenic erectile dysfunction to reduce the anxiety and stress causing erection deficit.

    • Exercises: Exercises are helpful in weight reduction and hormonal regulation to treat erectile dysfunction in most young men who do not have any underlying systemic pathology.

Alternative treatment options:

When taking medicines for erectile dysfunction, there come certain side effects that are unbearable for some men, if you are one of them you must be looking for alternative treatment options. But not all alternative treatment options work effectively, even though the majority of their alternatives prove to be major hazards for your health. 

    • Supplements: Some of the supplements promise to improve your erection problem overnight nut that’s not true. These supplements do not clearly state what ingredients they contain and hence are not safe to use, as they may hold allergens against your flora or may contain substances that could trigger a cascade of side effects.

    • Natural remedies: Natural remedies hold their place in treating every disease including sexual dysfunctions. These remedies are inherited from archaic times and are still used in some parts of the world. There is no clear literature present in favor of these but in few cases, they proved to be effective for treating erection deficit. 

    • Acupuncture: Compared to the other alternative treatments, acupuncture holds few studies in its favor. It is proved to show effective results in rare cases of erectile dysfunction but the literature present is not strong enough to be generalized for everyone. 

What we recommend:

We strongly disagree with the concept of using alternative methods for treating erectile dysfunction as there is a clear imbalance between the risk and benefits. The risks surplus the benefits to a greater extent. 

Drawbacks of using alternative treatments:

    • There is no valid and reliable reasoning present on the safety of using any of these alternate methods. 

    • Another drawback could be overdosage because none of these supplements comes with clear instructions about the daily intake or the withdrawal of the drugs. 

    • These methods may work by chance in some rare cases, but the majority of complicated erectile dysfunction patients with underlying comorbidity may exacerbate from taking such unreliable remedies.

Final Words:

In conclusion, it can be said that erectile dysfunction is like any other medical condition that would require proper guidance from the experts regarding the treatment in order to cure it. So, make sure to consult the experts before you get started with any treatment option related to ED. You can do this consultation easily online these days through the best digital healthcare platforms like Numan. Go on and Visit Website to know how this could work for you as well.

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